Any themes with a PHOTO Slider instead of "sticky post" slider?

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    Hello everyone!

    I am creating a blog, and at the top I want a slider that scrolls through a handful of select images. I see many themes that have a “slider,” but they always seem to be “sticky post” sliders, with both a photo and text. Are there any free themes that feature a slider where I can exclusively put photos up there?

    Thanks so very much!!



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    Strictly speaking the answer is no. There are themes that have featured post sliders and each one has a featured image. See here



    Is there a way to “fake” a photo slider? Like maybe have a “sticky post” slider, but have zero text in the post, and only images? Are there any themes that would then only display the image, rather than a text area beside the image that is blank?

    For example, I’m currently using the “Sight” theme in my rough draft of my site:

    In the slider, beside the image is a text area on the right. Presumably, if I made a “sticky post” with only an image, the slider would still have that text area on the right, beside the image, even if I don’t input any text.

    Are there any themes that would not behave this way? Or they overlay the text onto the photo, such that if there’s no text at all, it’ll only show the photo?

    Thanks so much!!

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