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Any update on turning off global tags or letting users know they are not local?

  1. @simplejournal - Check the privacy settings for your blog. If it's set to prevent search engine and WP indexing, then your tags and categories will be local.

  2. ah you're right, my apology, I set it as to block search engines and WP indexing

  3. Silly me - the privacy settings thing has come up here before. @nrepair, glad you're more awake than I was!

  4. It's not a perfect solution, but if you have custom CSS, you can add this which will at least sort of identify that your categories are global:

    .tagged:before {
    content:"Global ";

    Depending on the theme the class might be "postmetadata" or something else, and ":before" doesn't work in IE.

    Of course the best solution would be for Automattic to give us the frikkin' option to turn global tags off, but they seem rather deaf on this issue.

  5. That is clever swein! I will have to remember that one~


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