Any update on turning off global tags or letting users know they are not local?

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    It still looks like the links in both Categories and Tags in your blog (not the sidebar) lead to the tag surfer. In my opinion, that sucks. I’d rather see Categories be local, especially since I use descriptive names for Categories (more than one word) and Tags act like keywords. FWIW-I do know that adding either a Category or Tag widget in my blog sidebar will point to my posts in my blog, but I don’t like using them.

    Does anyone know if there is a any plan to change how Categories and Tags work?




    I came here to ask the same thing. What’s the point in having both tags and categories if when I click on a category link on my blog, it takes me to the tag on instead of the categories on my own site? I could see tags behaving that way, but why categories?



    I also think that tags should be global and categories should be local. There is no point to having both at this time, since they both work exactly the same way.



    perhaps, you might get lucky asking these questions and voicing your ideas on the .com “News Blog” < > page, as there is a comments box suggesting to “Leave a Reply*.

    and the issue is, these volunteered forums, as a matter of fact, is just a facility for either not-so-automatic copy-pasting of the well-known answers to the FAQ entries (for the apparently ‘search form’ wise challenged folks), or directing community members to the ‘feedback form’ to contact a ‘happyness engineer’, if this is an as pretty much FAQ one, but nonetheless is a taboo subject here for certain reasons.

    granted the “Global Tags” issue is exactly one of such tabooed topics, the only available option left is that said ‘contact support’ form, for what it worth.

    so, feedback there, then, please, for the benefit for all of us, certainly post back here replies of the staff, if there will be any or lack thereof.

    *) and yes, I know it says: “Please do not use these comments for asking questions, use the forums or feedback form for that”, but it’s not quite clear what those comments there are actually supposed for, then?



    @options-Done and Done. Awaiting moderation. Either there are another million comments awaiting moderation on that Post or Tags is the most underwhelming feature introduced on ‘-)

    Also, since many of us plain old members (with a small “m”) haven’t been around long enough or deeply enough in the forums to know what is considered taboo and what isn’t, this is where we tend to congregate to give voice to our thoughts. Sorry if this was inappropriate.



    hello jennifer, there’s absolutely no need to sorry at all. I sincerelly believe everyone posting here is really a member with a capital ‘M’, regardless of how much % of their life time has been wrecked while hanging on these forums (or .com in general).

    it was perfectly apropriate — that’s what, in my opinion, forums, in fact are exactly supposed to. rather, perhaps, I failed to make the point clear and properly in my previous post, so I bring an apology for that.

    he-he, indeed, unfortunately yet there isn’t a link I could provide you with to what’s considered a taboo here ;-)

    although, just several posts above in this very thread timethief was kind enough to give us a cross-reference link to another similar titled topic on this issue, there in the last post of mine is a link to the cruical but closed topic regarding this problem. also, you might want to briefly skim through some of the post tagged as “Global Tags“.

    why do you think this particular feature is the most underwhelming one? my guess it’s pretty neutral, as the new Tags just recently introduced don’t add or remove any significant functional value — there’s nothing has really changed from UI point of view, besides maybe another array of meta-data is now can be attached to the Posts.

    whereas inception of the notorious Global Tags feature did both things: it did remove a normal function of Categories (browse related posts) and replaced it with the “zeitgeist of what’s popular in the last 48 hours“, AKA “stream of the fresh stuff”.



    @options-Sorry for the late reply. I was referring to the fact that the comment before mine on the WPcom Post was made on Sept 22, whereas mine was made on Sept 26. That’s pretty much a sign that comments are being held in moderation OR most unlikely that no one has posted a comment between Sept 22 and 26. That was my tongue-in-cheek inference that the new feature was “underwhelming”.

    I did a bit of surfing on the Tags vs Categories subject and now have a better understanding of why this topic is a Hot Potato. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Honestly though, I absolutely agree that there should be something pointing to WPcom’s Tag Zeitgeist page. This is a free service after all and traffic for the WPcom domain is a good thing for both WPcom and us. The question is what that something is (Categories vs. Tags) and how (body of Blog vs. Sidebar) and have it applied consistently across the board for all Themes. Regardless in the long run, whether we like it or not, since it’s not our ball we don’t get to set the rules. We can still cheer or gripe though. :)



    All comments on the WP news blog are held in moderation. And eventually they disable comments.


    Hey everyone, I’ve just realized that my tags and categories (on the post-meta) are pointing as “local” instead of “global”. It wasn’t like that 1 hour ago, so I’m not so sure.

    here’s my blog:
    a new blog actually, less than a week and very few content. I’m in the process of manually importing my old posts from my current blog.



    Yes, your cottonable (like the name!) blog does seem to have local tags. My first thought was that it might be the theme. So I switched my other blog to the same theme as yours: Pressrow. Tags remained global.
    So there seems to be something unusual about cottonable. At first I thought it strange that “a new blog” had posts more than a year old, but I guess that’s because you’re importing them from your old blog.
    I am baffled by the question of why you have local tags, and very interested in what the answer turns out to be.



    @simplejournal – Check the privacy settings for your blog. If it’s set to prevent search engine and WP indexing, then your tags and categories will be local.


    ah you’re right, my apology, I set it as to block search engines and WP indexing



    Silly me – the privacy settings thing has come up here before. @nrepair, glad you’re more awake than I was!



    It’s not a perfect solution, but if you have custom CSS, you can add this which will at least sort of identify that your categories are global:

    .tagged:before {
    content:"Global ";

    Depending on the theme the class might be “postmetadata” or something else, and “:before” doesn’t work in IE.

    Of course the best solution would be for Automattic to give us the frikkin’ option to turn global tags off, but they seem rather deaf on this issue.



    That is clever swein! I will have to remember that one~


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