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Any updates on twitter?

  1. hey guys. Was just wondering whether anyone has any updates on the usage of twitter on blogs? I want to insert a proper widget.. not some RSS link. :) Anyone?

  2. Wondering same...

  3. No change.

  4. The RSS widget isn't working with Twitter for me. I'm getting very frustrated.

  5. There are threads in the forum on how to use Twitter with the RSS feed; have you checked those out?

  6. Just tried using a Korelab Twitter balloon that I made...pasted the code in the Text widget...but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks much.

    Maybe we (WP users) should start a fundraiser for Widget support development...? I'm serious. Is there a PayPal account out there we could feed for Widget development efforts? Of course we could start the WOM campaign on Twitter (where else?!) ;)

    For real, folks. Talk to me. I don't know about you all, but I don't feel right dogging on WP all the time about Twitter, especially if my blog is FREE. What can I do? What can we do? LET ME KNOW! :)

  7. A widget already exists, it's just a matter of whether the site admins want to add it to the shared install we all use.

  8. You can always use the RSS widget and just copy your RSS feed from your twitter updates in the meantime, but there is nothing available specially on right now.


  9. Trent: Yeah, I tried the RSS widget/feed thing and it doesn't work. It says: "An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later." You can see it now on my blog at (look at bottom of left-hand column for Twitter RSS Feed - under the FlickR photos...)

    Matt: Tell me more about this widget! :) And how do admins decide on adding to shared install...?

  10. Admins wait to hear how many requests they get, so if you are dying for this, ask staff.

    There was some change to the way Twitter sends out feeds, so the RSS workaround needs a bit of tweaking. You should be able to find the relevant threads with a search of the forums; it was just a couple of weeks ago.

  11. Thanks raincoaster. It worked! I just had to replace the word "friends" in my Twitter feed URL with the word "user" and SUCCESS. :)

  12. I will still ask staff for a Twitter badge or balloon widget in the near future, however. THANKS AGAIN

  13. What is the "official" channel for registering a request for a Twitter badge/widget? I.e., how does one "ask staff"?

  14. You can use the Support link but posting here is good enough.

    You can always use your feed from Twitter.

  15. OK. Duly noted. I've got Twitter set up through the RSS widget, but a dedicated widget would have the following advantages:

    - Strip "username:" from the beginning of each post
    - Make URLs clickable
    - Add timestamps to post with >1 day precision

    These things can be accomplished with simple, harmless scripts applied to the RSS feed (see, e.g., this post). If there's a way to apply such a script via the current RSS widget, I'd be glad to know it.

  16. OK, I just posted about this in another thread on the subject, but just to throw my vote in... yes, I, too, would LOVE to have a widget specifically made for Twitter. Obviously Twitter is not for everyone. Nothing really is. But in this case there is a lot of crossover amongst the blogging and microblogging communities. Adding a widget would help marry the two.

    Now that I've said that, a separate one for FriendFeed would also be cool for the same reason.


  17. I really would love for wordpress to let us use a twitter widget. please please, wordpress admins!

  18. Yes I also would much rather be able to add the Twitter widget instead of RSS.

  19. +1 twitter.

  20. RSS feeds is a half-baked excuse for a widget. There are TONS of people on Twitter now and getting bigger everyday, plus, and all the other blog sites already have Twitter Widgets, so if WordPress does not do something soon, they will end up losing users! They need to get on the ball NOW and get something for use to use soon!

  21. Bring on Twit Twit Twitter.....

  22. I'm pretty picky but the RSS feed works just fine for me. I mean, it's's works just fine. How does the RSS widget solution fail you, exactly? I simply don't understand what needs are not addressed by it: it's not "Twitter Brand(TM)" but it nonetheless conveys all the information.

  23. Its time stamp is only accurate to the day, which is not acceptable to many people

  24. Ah, that's a point, thanks for the input. Mine doesn't actually have any timestamp at all. Mind you, I'm posting a dozen plus times a day, so maybe I just exhausted it.

    I wonder if that might be theme-specific. I'm on Sandbox with custom CSS.

  25. silverstar98121

    Right now, the way it is, we don't get to show the conversations, it only shows our Tweets. If you put *friends* in the RSS feed, it won't work, just says feed is down. A lot of my tweets are in answer to something else. Believe me, no one care what I am doing right this minute, but it is the conversation that is important. The RSS will only feed my tweets. That's buggered.

  26. pornstarbabylon

    I found this today checking the sites I regularly do.


    Security Firm Sounds Virus Alert on Twitter

    XBiz News Report

    By Bob Preston

    Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008

    CYBERSPACE — Creative spammers are setting up shop on Twitter.

    The microblogging powerhouse has attracted a vast, young audience during its rapid ascent to the top 1,000 websites on Alexa.

    Along the way, Twitter picked up its share of spammers, but most of them simply set up accounts and sent out spam messages through Twitter's interface.

    But some enterprising new spammers have adopted a new strategy. Computer security company Kaspersky Lab discovered a rogue Twitter profile that's advertising adult downloads, provided users download a Flash-based player to play the movies.

    That's the virus. If a user downloads the "player," they'll download and install a virus capable of hijacking their computer.

    Although Kaspersky isn't releasing the name of the profile, their security alert includes a screenshot of the offending page. The account name is apparently the Portuguese for "pretty rabbit," which would make the profile

    One of the most recent spam alerts involved a phony adult video-sharing website that was sending out spam emails with tantalizing subject lines like:

    • White House hit by lightning.
    • Obama drops out of presidential race.
    • Italy knocked out of Euro 2008.
    • Man wakes up from 40-year coma.

    If a surfer clicks the link, they will find themselves at a fake adult site bearing the name "PornTube," where they'll be prompted to download a video plugin. The plugin is actually the spam bot, which will continue replicating itself if downloaded.

    The PornTube site depicted in the spam messages is not affiliated with the actual adult video-sharing site

  27. pornstarbabylon: So it's possible to put links to malicious content into a Twitter feed... This isn't surprising.

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