Any way to block specific bloggers (not following)?

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    I had an unfortunate experience with a blogger in a comment section on another’s blog. They seem hostile and bent on downgrading anyone who doesn’t agree with them, and throws out the “I’ll report you” threat over whatever they don’t agree with. Is there a way to block a blogger before they visit a profile or blog? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    to block an IP address going to your blog go to settings<disscussion scroll down you should see a box saying something like: ‘When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam. One word or IP per line. It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”.’ enter the visitor you want to block’s IP address in there and they will be blocked from commenting.



    It doesn’t actually work well, since most IPs nowadays are dynamic. You’d be blocking lots of total strangers and probably not preventing this person from commenting. Username bans are better, because these people are so egotistical they rarely think anyone would block them.

    I, personally, encourage people to report me. Abusive hysterics who report anyone who disagrees with them shortly find themselves in a time-out where they are flagged by staff for ignoring.


    Thanks, raincoaster, that makes sense. My first instinct was to just tell them to go ahead and do what they will, but they kept trying to bait me and berate the author of the blog…on his own”about” profile! They used ALL CAPS (which is yelling, if I am not mistaken), and was just generally nasty. It just made me want to call them on their pompous crap. I doubt they will attempt a visit to my blog, but if they do, I think it will be to cause me discomfort. Just paranoid, I guess. Guess I’ll worry about it if it actually happens.



    The most effective way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. I say that based on experience which I have shared in my blog:

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