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Any way to change where the "comments" button is located?

  1. Currently, the link for people to click on to post comments appears at the end of my list of tags and categories, in the same box. So it doesn't stand out; "Comments" is just another word in hypertext, buried amid the tags. Is there a way to change this so that, for example, the word "Comments" would appear on a separate line?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only way to have that appear on another line or make it "stand out" is by purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing.

    Note: Unless you use P2, a twitter-like theme comments are collapsed on the front page of the blog. The way the comments function is coded into the core of WordPress. By clicking the post title or the comments link the posts on the front page open on their own page where all comments display. In a new blog one does not have many posts or comments. In an established blog if the comments did not collapse on the front page it would become a mile long in no time flat and page loading time is a page ranking factor. We have only seconds before visitors refuse to wait and click out.

  3. Thanks thimethief. I think I have the custom design upgrade; but I'm not very experienced at doing CSS editing (I think the last time I changed anything was last December). Any suggestions on what text I would want to type into my CSS editor to, say, move the "Comments" button to the line above (or below) the categories & tags box?

    And regarding your note, I don't mind the comments being collapsed on the front page. I was just hoping to make the comments button more prominent.

  4. Hi again,
    I don't help with CSS editing. I've flagged this thread so it gets moved to the CSS forum where you can get the help you need. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. To make the comments link appear on the next line in the Adventure Journal theme, add this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    .meta-sep {
         display: none;
    .comments-link {
         display: block;

    Alternately, you could change the color of that link or style it to look more like a button. To do that, start with just the ".comments-link" block and experiment with some different styles. There are a ton of examples online. Here's one that I found if you want to give something more advanced a try:

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. Follow-up question: The comment button still shows up in the same gray box that has the tags and categories. How can I get it out of that box?

  8. Note that I'm currently using this code:

    .meta-sep {

    .comments-link {
    border:1px solid #8E2323;

    a.button:hover {

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