Any way to display title (instead of caption) in image gallery?

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    I followed these lovely instructions to create an image gallery (, but it’s very clunky to have the whole caption display under each thumbnail on the gallery page. Is there any way to make it display the image title under the thumbnail and the image caption if/when the user clicks to see the larger image?

    (I’m using the Twenty Ten theme, but I don’t think that affects this particularly.)


    The blog I need help with is



    At present there is no way to have something other than the Caption appear in both the thumbnail and the larger image displayed in the Photo Carousel. If you want the image title to appear as the Caption, then that is the information you should enter in the Caption field. If you want a longer description to appear, you will have to point your visitors to the Permalink where the image’s Description field will appear.

    See here:



    I hate the permalink system and wish they would make it an option rather than forcing us to have an image banner with a permalink button. Support did send me an E-Mail saying it was changing but nothing has happened. As soon as it is fixed or changed I will upgrade my subscription


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