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Any way to get forums like this?

  1. Would be great getting forums like this on our hosted wordpress blog, or find out if this is an add-on we can obtain and use if we choose to install WP ourselves... Blogs are blogs. Sometimes though, we want to have forum-like discussions among our users. Would be great being able to mix both under one blog.

  2. You can register a forum at any free forum hosting site and link to it either from your sidebar or from your header tabs.

  3. You can do Forums but they must be done on Self Hosted Sites.

    If you have more or specific questions ask at WordPress.ORG:

  4. Opps - forgot the link part - thanx raincoaster

  5. @infinitegraph - I know this is not exactly what you're looking for but have you seen the theme called P2? It was created to capture group conversations similar to a forum. Just a thought...

  6. Thanks for the input all! These forums are nice, clean and simple... so wondered where I might get them! We're planning to go self-hosted here shortly.

  7. This is where to search for wordpress>ORG plugins for forums or anything else. >

  8. For the self-hosted WordPress blogs (, looks like the bbpress software is the forum software created by WordPress.

    I read some reviews (2010 comments) elsewhere on the Internet. It seems to be abit limited in some features compared to other forum software. I don't want to go into bbpress.forums since I'm not a user but would be curious to know if WordPress is improving on product.

  9. maidiebike, I know you're giving correct answers and being helpful but in the long term we have found it MUCH more satisfactory for both sides to direct all questions there, even if we already know the answers. It sets the poster several interactions ahead, and shows them directly where they can get appropriate answers next time.

    Also, it saves US oodles of time.

  10. No problem, raincoaster.

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