Any way to get sidebar widgets from index page also on post pages in Sapphire?

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    I’m looking for current updates to the info I saw on the forum from last year: the response at that time was that, in Sapphire, we cannot have a sidebar with widgets on the individual posts pages to match the sidebar on the home page.

    Is this still the case or does anyone know if we can change this with CSS?
    Is it an HTML template coding and thereby not changeable?

    Our blog is and the individual posts are linked to from a monthly email that goes to clients. Ideally, the individual post would have all the widgets just like the index page. I fear we’re stuck with it as is.

    oodles of thanks for any thoughts y’all have!!



    No, you can’t change the functionality of a theme like this with CSS. And it’s VERY rare that changes get made to themes, because of the multi-user platform. For everyone who wants a change, there’ll be at least two who don’t. So I’d guess you’re stuck with it the way it is.



    I was afraid of this. So my only solution is to link email readers to the index page of the blog for each month’s articles.

    Thanks for confirming!!



    If I were you, I’d give them both links in the email; more information is better. They do always have the option of returning to the main blog page via the header, or using the Previous and Next arrows as well.

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