Any way to hide default widget titles with custom design?

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    I’ve been working on my blog layout and such ( and have been customizing widgets through creative placement and CSS. However, I cannot figure out a way to hide the titles for the Links and Categories widget, like I did for the search widget, to make it look like the pictures I’ve added are the titles. I’ve tried to enter no text in the title section as well as entering just a space and I’ve tried to work with the CSS but haven’t quite gained enough proficiency to make heads or tails of the widgets sections. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    I’ll flag this thread do it gets moved to the CSS forum for you where you can get the help you need.


    Thanks. I had looked at that forum, but I thought there might be another solution besides CSS that would be better uncovered here first.


    Put a single space and nothing else in the title of the widget and see if that works.


    Hi thesacredpath,
    I tried that and it didn’t work. I can put things like periods that aren’t as conspicuous, but they still don’t look good stylistically and in spacing.


    But, it did work with the search widget…


    Which widgets do you want to hide the titles on and I’ll work out the CSS for you?


    Never mind, I see in your first post, links and categories.


    The blogroll and categories – I was thinking of using this code but I’m having a hard time locating where to put it:


    If it helps, I’m using vigilance theme and here’s the style sheet.


    I specifically targeted those two widgets. Also note I used visibility: hidden; instead of display: none; so that the space where the title was would remain for your image.

    #linkcat-493610 h2, #categories-3 h2 {
    visibility: hidden;

    Thank you so much! For future reference, where did you find the labels in the style sheet so I could find them later?


    Oh, and I looked at the w3school page and found this to add to take away the spacing:



    The CSS will have general selectors classes or IDs such as widget_categories. What I did was to look in the source code for your page at the sidebar, found the widgets in question and got their specific CSS IDs. Each widget you insert into a sidebar will have a unique ID # such as text-2, text-3, text-4, etc.

    Normally I would have targeted the general widget type (category, links, etc., but when I tried that with the categories widget, it would not hide the title and instead of futzing around trying to figure out what was overriding my change, I just went for specifics.

    The reason I used visibility hidden was to leave room at the top for your title image. Display none takes away they entire element and the content of the widget collapse upward. If you aren’t going to be using a title image for those, then you can indeed use display none.


    Thank you so, so much! That will help me in the future as well! You are a LIFESAVER!


    You are welcome.



    I hope someone can help me with this. I just recently activated my “vigilance” theme at, and though I did not add this widget, it is there — the Recent Articls widget. I do not mind listing recent articles, but I want to change the position. Because it isn’t listed in my widgets side bar, I can’t move it’s order. Any suggestions? I’m a huge novice, and if it’s not through the WP control panel / dashboard, I’ll have to pass on whatever advice I get to a friend who’s a programmer. LOL. Please help!


    When you first activate a theme and have not added any widgets to the sidebars, what you are seeing is a sample display of widget that the theme puts up. Simply go to appearance > widgets, add a widget, any widget, and the sample set will go away. Continue adding whichever widgets you want and arrange them as you desire with drag and drop.



    When you first start a blog, you don’t need and can’t use the CSS upgrade. Don’t worry about it.

    You have a default set of widgets in the sidebar when you first start. If you don’t like them, just go to Dashboard->Appearance->Widgets and put a new widget in the sidebar. That will wipe out all of the widgets that are already there.



    Thanks @raincoaster – but that’s what I’ve done, and still “RECENT ARTICLES” stays on top. I can see in the source code that it’s a widget, but I didn’t put it there, and it’s not visible in my Wedgets sidebar – Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets…

    Any other suggestions?

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