Any way to hide tags?

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    Is there a way to remove tags from a post so they don’t show up visible but are still effective in tag searches? I use tags all the time but they are really ugly looking. Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    I hide my tags from the front page, but they still appear on each individual post. I guess you could hide them if you have the CSS upgrade.



    I can’t even figure out how to hide the tags via CSS but I wanted to point out that you can always test it out before purchasing the CSS upgrade.


    The “posted by” categories, tags and the comments link are all controlled by the .info class in the CSS, which means that everything under the post title will be hidden. To leave comments, there would not be a comment link, so people would have to click on the post title to get to the single post page, and some people may not know that they can get to the comments that way.

    To try it out, delete all the stuff from the CSS edit window, paste the following in and then click the preview button.

    .info {

    Or switch to the iNove theme, in which you get an option to hide tag and/or category tabs.



    that’s the answer I’ve been looking for: iNove. Thanks

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