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Any way to improve header image quality after cropping ?

  1. Hello, I use a theme that can have a custom image uploaded as header image, this image always shows the cropping tool after uploading and after cropping the image quality is very low, any way to increase quality ?

    Thank you.
    - Adrian.

  2. Which theme are you using? I had this problem with Pool, and found the only solution was to use a different image where the poor quality wouldn't be such an issue.

  3. I curently use Blix by Sebastian Schmieg.
    I understand there is no way to change image quality.

  4. This is a common complaint that's not particularly theme dependent or so it seems. This is from the forum search box

  5. Yes, is a setting they have, in that post they said they improved it to 75% and some of them said is better.
    I might get the CSS upgrade and try to modify the header to directly link to another image.

  6. I finally just put the image as a background for the header in the CSS file myself.

    The cropping tool has issues.

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