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Any way to include a page inside all pages ? (php include or ssi)

  1. Hello.

    I wanted to add Google AdSense code into my posts and I wanted to make an external file like adsense.html and include it in all posts so I can modify the ads site-wide just by modifying one file.

    Any ideas on how to include a file in pages?
    I think php include and ssi doesn't work.

  2. I just found that Google AdSense ads are not allowed at, I wished I knew this earlier.
    I wonder if this is same thing if I use my own domain and not is AdSense still forbidden then ?


  3. Have you found the pink sticky post at the head of the forum titled "please read me first before posting"?
    Maybe what you're looking for is a self-hosted blog
    As far as the adsense on your own domain question goes there is another pink sticky post at the head of the forum for questions on domains

  4. Someone owes me a steak dinner.

    That's a joke by the way. :)

    You can grab a copy of the WordPress software from and host it elsewhere. is just a host that uses the software.

    This is also discussed in the FAQs.

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