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Any way to place pic

  1. Was wondering if there was a way to place a "static" pic, to the side bar? pardon my novice ignorance...

  2. use a text widget. don't worry, everyone was once a newbie.

  3. Thx sulz, appreciated

  4. Tried your suggestion re using a "Text Widget", how do I actually get to upload an image from my C: drive, and size it correctly? derr? pardon my ignorance. When I insert widget to sidebar, then select "configure" It seems there is no way to insert a pic?

  5. First optimize (consult FAQ) and size the picture on your computer so it's not so huge it's going to create problems. Then create a post and use the "browse" button to locate the picture on your computer. Upload the picture into the post. Copy the code then paste it into a sidbar widget and save it.

  6. You can find a FAQ on uploading pictures here. Only difference would be that you don't have to publish the post after you upload the picture. Just use the URL of the picture in your text widget.

    Hope this helps,

  7. Thx for your help thus far... I followed the steps you've suggested, though the pic does not show in the side-bar widget (Text) wher I have posted the URL.... just the path is showing... please check and re-advice what's not happening...

  8. You need to put the link inside an image source tag:
    < img src = "" >

    Remove the spaces in order for it to work.

  9. To make sure it's XML correct, you have to add in a slash mark right before the last > mark.

    For example:

    < img src = "" />

    Annoying, ain't it? ;)

  10. Ah - that I *didn't* know. Thanks, drmike!

  11. Not a problem. I have to catch myself on that as well since I'm still not used to using it.

    <br /> marks as well while I'm thinking of it.

  12. Um - I just went into my text widget and added that trailing slash and it lost the entire line, which meant the pic was gone. Was there supposed to be a space before the trailing slash?

  13. bump to drmike

  14. Yes, it whould be "ending quote-space-trailing slash-closing bracket".

    <img src="" />

    For example

    Worked for the sidebar as well.

  15. Got it. Now I'm XML correct (whatever the heck THAT means)

  16. Beats me but it's important to some folks around here. :)

  17. Yo drmike (and others input), Thx for the advice and the lessons, though, it took awhile to get a result, i.e. a pic into side-bar widget... but heh, much appreciated... now I'm sure most of the XML language stuff went over/pass me, but sounds as if you others got some learning from the query, so we all got what was needed... well done drmike...
    Now let me add a little, can the image be "centred" in the widget?

  18. I'm not sure but try < center> IMAGE < / center>

  19. Agreed, either surround it with center tags or put in a align="center" bit to the tag. (I think we can do aligns here)

    For example:

    <center><img src=""  /></center>


    <img src="" align="center" />

  20. I certainly hope no one is using my picture on their blogs :)

  21. I gave you a link back. :)

    I hate deleteing Posts, especially when I've provided a link to it here in the forums as an example.

    I will remove it though if you want me to. Look at it this way, more exposure for when you run for office again. :)

  22. I was kidding, of course. Kudos to anyone who wants my mug on their site :lol:

    Run again? Not til I pay off the debt from the last one :(

  23. That's when you find a rich millionaire who wants the influence his money will buy but wants to stay hidden in the background. :)

  24. Got any leads on that rich millionaire?

  25. Well apart from the inside goss on the political options of some, I tried the centre tags as suggested... and it seems to be a no go... conclusion thus far, image cannot be "centred" within text widget, at least not at this time... any further suggestion? or shall we close on this (take a look at the existing image in sidebar re alignment is default to left... I think it would be a neater arrangement to be "centred", purely for the aesthetics?

  26. Daod - unfortunately I think you're just gonna have to close this as an "it don't work" thing.

    I've tried this many times with centering and have always failed.

    Before you do though, you could try resizing the image so it is a similar size to the sidebar. if you use height="size" and width="size"` where "size" is a number of pixels you could make it so that you have a similar sized border either side of the image.


  27. Actually, I have used this method, and it has worked for me. As you would with the <center> tag, do with the paragraph tag, but only if the inline <...align="center" /> didn't work. Surround the <img...> tag with paragraph tags using the inline align property. Example, since that may be a mouthful.

    <p align="center"><img src="...">< /p >

    As the post did not show the closing p tag correctly, type that last less than / greater than tag without spaces.

    You can see an example at the bottom of my blog here. I will delete the exaple in about a week.

  28. Just for reference, I've discovered that if you replace the first '<' bracket with a '& l t ;' (without the spaces and the single quotes), you can get html to show up here on bbpress.

  29. Aye drmike,m I attempted that, however, it was still not showing up. Perhaps I needed to change all of my brackets to that...I will edit the post to make that happen.

  30. I have a problem with doing that in IE if that helps. Well, I did this morning.

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