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Any way to place pic

  1. Tried using the same code to put a pic within a message and, well (I'm here ain't I?), it does not work.

    Does it have anything to do with my being on and not on my own server or am I using the wrong code?

    Or am I reaaaaaaaaaaaly out in the proverbial left field? ;-)

  2. We're all on Anyone hosted on another site with the software gets run off to the correct forums.

    Must be since you didn't point us at an example of what you tried to do and there's no picture in your sidebar showing us what you did. :)

  3. Can you paste the exact code that you're trying to use?

    I've done it on a number of blogs without any trouble at all.

  4. Ok folks, this originally started by asking how to place an image in a sidebar, some weeks ago... there have been many helpful suggestions, and a few that were not, and a couple of complete time wasters... however for all those who had a go at clarifying this, Thx...
    Of all the suggestions, the best and workable goes to member "Crosswalk" who posted this code
    <p align="center"><img src="...">< /p >
    so folks... as I understand it... (1) upload an image to a new post (2) save the post (as draft), do NOT publish (3) copy the uploaded image path, and paste into a Text Widget using <p align="center"><img src="http://..." /> (4) place widget in preferred location (5) Save Changes ,a THat's It... Congrats to Crosswalk for solving this once again, annd I trust others will find this useful... happy blogging...

  5. Actually you don't even need to save the post as a draft. Once you get the picture up there, it stays there. you can even delete the post if you want to.

  6. Thx drmike. Additional thought, if I was to delete the draft, and then at some time in the future wanted to view the pic source (within wordpress) for deletion/removal from server/site/folder, how would I be able to locate? Just wondering/learning.

  7. daod - I keep a back-up of each blog image on my own computer. I also keep a post named images or headers in draft form on each of my blogs for the most recently used images. Once an article leaves my front page I delete the image form the post in question and from the images or headers draft. This works well for me because the nature of my blogs is such that it's the written contecnt that is important and not the images.

  8. Can anyone help me with this? My favorite uploading place is having issues and won't let me upload. I've now looked into the premium services at Photobucket and Fhlicker. Photobucket doesn't have thumbnails for some odd reason. But at Fhlicker, the premium service says:

    # 2 GB monthly upload limit
    # Unlimited storage
    # Unlimited bandwidth

    Would that be enough space for me? On a good day I might upload 100-200 thumbnail images a day. And certain sets of pictures get lots of hits like wedding and baby pictures. With the amount of pictures I upload and the amount of hits they get, is 2GB enough?

  9. Daod, I would just use the Browse All tab on the file uploader.

    Nosy, that 21k image gallery of Kim Possible images was about 2 gigs. Average size was 480 by 360 pixels. Granted, it also created a number of different sizes upon uploading so you should even get more pictures in that amount.

  10. 21k? You mean 21 thousand? You had 21 thousand images and the 2GB's were enough?

  11. Yes. Also remember that my setup was creating a number of different sizes of files so you should be able to upload more pictures. The 2 gigs was the total space everything took up after uploading those 21k images and having it make all the different sizes.

  12. The free service has 20 MB monthly upload limit. Would that be enough for what I do? And thanks for the help!

  13. Nevermind. I uploaded a few pictures and am already up to 3%. :(

  14. HA! I found out how to get thumbnails at Photobucket. But it's half the size of a supload thumbnail though. I might go with Photobucket instead of Flickr. Flicker is too confusing. Just let me upload and give me the code. Is that so hard. :)

  15. 20megs a month would be about 800 pics assumsing a 25kb size for each pic.

  16. *cries*

    Is 10 GB 10.00 or 00.10?

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