Any way to recover previously saved versions of a post?

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    I was writing a blog post for about an hour and when it was finished, I accidentally highlighted the entire text and pasted the contents of the clipboard in its place. I tried pressing Ctrl+Z and Undo in my browser (GNOME Epiphany) but it did not work. I tried closing the browser and opening it again, but wordpress seems to have saved the spoiled version of the post.

    I did not press the Save button myself, either while writing my post or after destroying it, but I’ve read on the forums that is now autosaving. It must have autosaved after I destroyed the post, overwriting any previous autosave that might have had some of my work in it.

    Is there any way to recover previous autosaves? Or generally, do I have any hope of recovering this work?


    P.S. I did some tests and I found that the browser Undo button in GNOME Epiphany does not work on, although it works fine on other sites not using wordpress. I also tried Firefox and found that Undo works but Redo does not work. This is pretty bad cause it makes it easy to lose work, right?



    Basically you are out of luck. This is one reason people like to use offline blog editors.

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