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any way to retrieve a post I just deleted?

  1. I spent the past hour writing a post, then published it. For some reason my dashboard said there were two versions of it - the published one and a draft. So I deleted the draft version, but my published post disappeared as well. Oh, joy.

    Any way I can retrieve it? (not that I hope I can, but asking doesn't hurt, does it?)


  2. this is something you need to address to feedback since they're "the powers that be" in wordpress.

  3. I hope its not too late, it happened to me once, twice and what I did was, I clicked the browser button back until it shows the previous page I was working at. If it happens that you closed the browser/refresh after losing the posts, I'm afraid you should send a feedback.

  4. Usually we recommend subscribing to your own feed via a service like bloglines. That will help you in case this happens again.

    May even want to check now since they cache feeds.

  5. Thanks for all the replies. I tried to retrieve the post in various ways, but unsuccessfully. So I wrote it again. But thanks for the advice, and it will also help me in the future, should I accidentally delete a post again.

    drmike, subscribing to my own feed sounds a real good idea to prevent this happening again. I certainly will.

    Thanks for the advice! :)

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