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Any way to tell which search engines are sending visitors?

  1. Is there any way to tell which search engines are sending visitors to my website? It gives the search terms on the stats page but not where the search was performed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It gives the search terms on the stats page but not where the search was performed.

    The name of the search engine (for example: Google) is indicated in the "Referrers" section.

  3. Are you sure, Airodyssey? For example, I might have 33 search terms on a day but no referrers that are search engines.

    I just curious - still trying to understand all the various stats around the place! :)

  4. @teamoyeniyi: I see what you mean. The number of Google referrals does not match the number of search engine keywords in my case. Maybe some search engines names do not appear at all. I tagged this thread for staff's attention so that (perhaps) we can get more information.

  5. I know I get hits from Bing, for example, by chcking the Bing Webmaster site. Also, some fo the search terms are very specific and I can see them on the Bing search terms list, but Bing (or Yahoo, fo rthat matter now they are combined) NEVER show as referrers. I don't think the two are related: referrers and search terms.

    Let's see what staff have to say?

  6. We do our best to list the search engine in the Referrers section, but it doesn't always work out.

    If you click on the "This Week" link for your Referrers, you may see a clearer picture of your search engine referrers.

    We're still working on improving this.

  7. @Macmanx, I am guessing that is the case for all referrers, not just search engines? I ask because yesterday I posted a link to an article on a message board. The article was a year old and kind of written as a joke, so not something that gets read a lot. Since I posted the link yesterday, it moved up to my top post. Nothing is showing is up in the referrer section that anything came from that message board.

  8. That's hard to say for sure. Some message boards, especially private message boards, use a service that strips out referrer records. There are also browser security add-ons which remove referrer records.

    Also, email links don't carry referrer records, and direct visits (typing the URL) don't have referrers.

    With that said, your referrer stats will never match your visit stats exactly.

  9. Thanks Macmanx, that makes sense that they are probably blocking it. That particular one used to show up in the very beginning but then stopped.

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