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  1. I have tried writing on here before but was unsuccessful in getting a useful answer. But as I can't contact wordpress directly, I have no option but to try again! I want to change my email address. I have followed the instructions EXACTLY (going to General Settings, confirming the new address, etc). But what happens next is I then receive wordpress related emails in BOTH my email accounts, the old and the new. If you work for wordpress and you're reading this now, please, please give me a solution to this very frustrating issue. I am considering cancelling my wordpress account, because I simply cannot have wordpress emails going into my professional email account anymore. If you don't work for wordpress and have been having similar problems, or have a solution, again, please do get in touch. Many thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Posting the same topic on every single forum is extremely bad form, you'd be doing us all a favour if you did cancel your WordPress account.

  3. andrewspittle

    Howdy, can you email us with the details of what the new address is and what the old address is at [email redacted]? We'll get it taken care of for you there. Thanks!

  4. I apologise sincerely. It was not meant to be rude, but born from frustration. Please accept my apology.

  5. Hi there doomdab,

    I'll delete the other threads which you have started on this topic. Further spamming the forums will not get you a different answer!

    Do as the staff member (Happiness Engineer) andrewspittle says and contact support:
    [email redacted]?

  6. I gave an effective, easy answer in one of those threads but it's FINE.

  7. @raincoaster

    I'm sorry. If you want to re-post that response then do so.

    The OP had started so many threads on this topic that he or she was beginning to look like a spammer. I don't think that was the case: a spammer. Just someone who was frustrated and not acting in a politic way.

    It seemed best to delete all but one of the excess duplicate threads. IMO having doomdab contact staff directly, as advised here, seems the most effective option.

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