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Anybody else find emptying spam and commenting slow?

  1. I have noticed two issues lately with WordPress comments. One is that it takes forever (and my browser often freezes) to empty the spam comments (whether it's 20 or 170 comments, it just sits and spins). The other is that when I try to reply to comments directly from the post page, I start to type in the box that appears after I click "Reply", and then the screen refreshes and I have to start over (it also puts the comments box at the bottom of the page then, instead of underneath the comment I am replying to).

    I'm using Firefox 3.6.18 on an Intel Mac running OS 10.4.11 (yes, I am out of date). These aren't a huge deal, but consistently annoying. Am I the only one this is happening to, maybe because I'm out of date? :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The most recent stable version of Firefox is Firefox 5.0.1. Your browser is way out of date and that' why you are having problems. Upgrade it here >

  3. No, I've noticed today that across the board is so slow it must be running off Matt's iPhone. It's REALLY noticeable in the forums.

  4. @timethief: I can't upgrade to that version unless I upgrade my OS too and I don't have the patience and time for that right now :)

    @raincoaster: Ha ha at Matt's iPhone. It's slow for me everyday though, so maybe it's my out of date software. *sad face*

  5. @gretak
    Can you try Opera? Others have found it works well for them. You can get it here too

  6. @gretak: I agree w/ timethief -- if you can't upgrade Firefox, Opera is an excellent alternative, and it's easy to learn if you've used Firefox, IMO. If for some reason I couldn't use Firefox, I would switch to Opera. It renders pages well, has a lot of great built-in features (like an email client, if you like a client rather than webmail, and a nifty little slider at the bottom for increasing/decreasing the page zoom), and you can use Opera add-ons, just as in Firefox. It even has an Adblock add-on.

    You might find your problems all go away when you are able to use an up-to-date browser. (Well, all your browsing problems, anyway!)

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