Anybody else having issues with stats???

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    My blog has suddenly started to include my own clicks when I visit. I’m getting jumps in my stats that are unreal. I’ve recently cleared my cookies and was wondering if maybe that was the cause.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks everyone!



    Sorry guys I forgot:



    If you’re not signed in to your blog your own hits will count to your stats. Ensure you are signed in would be my suggestion. It’s ok to keep your cookies clean, but be signed in to your blog.


    p.s.- cool blog :)



    Thank so much for responding, and thanks for the compliment!

    If I’m not mistaken, “our clicks” regardless of whether we’re signed in or not, have never counted. I believe it says so at the bottom of our stat page.

    And even when I’m signed in and going back and forth from the dashboard to viewing my site…I can see that is it definately adding my “clicks.”

    I contacted support for any advice.

    Thanks again for helping me out…appreciate it!


    That shouldn’t be happening so it’s good you contacted staff.

    P.S. I also like your blog and I linked to it. :)



    This Time, This Space

    Much thanks for verifying that with me. I thought I might be going insane!?!?

    I’ll check out the FAQ.

    Gee…I should come to the forum more often…two compliments in one day!

    That’s very nice of you…I SO appreciate the link…and thanks for visiting!

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