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Anyone drafts blog posts directly on their blog?

  1. I don't. I draft and finish up 90% of the blog post before I paste it into my blog as a brand new blog post.

    I just find it too scary/unsafe to have blog "open" to be thinking and drafing for a few hrs. And it does take me several hrs. to a blog post.

    Besides I have a copy of blog post elsewhere as backup.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've never had problems with losing a post so I just write it on the WordPress screen, I'll sometimes copy everything just incase my internet connection is on the fritz so it'll be available to paste if I need to but apart from that I've always been fine.

  3. I have lost several posts over the years, but I find I can't blog the same way offline. I'm just not as spontaneous.

  4. theinsanityaquarium

    I always have to write my posts offline first- ideas are scribbled on paper, sentences are then formed in a Word document, or something similar. I've had my internet connection cut out on me far too many times to make me feel comfortable writing directly into the post box! My internet connection is pretty laughable, though.

  5. I'm similar to Anna. I handwrite mine first before transferring it to an offline word processor (Byword).

    All my blog notes are on Evernote.

    I doubt I will be losing any of my work.

  6. Interesting! @raincoaster: I feel more inhibited when I am trying to think and redraft in Word Press.

    @noirplume, insanityaquarium: I've lost patience in handwriting alot of stuff. My handwriting doesn't move as fast as my brain. And there's another problem: I often cannot read my own handwriting anymore. It's deteriorated so much!

  7. I write it on WordPress and save as I go. I have never had a problem with losing anything. When I write off-line and copy and paste it over,WordPress gets a little glitchy for me.

  8. I save drafts all the time. Problem is if I wrote it down, I'm notoriously bad at trying to find it again. If I write a draft online, though, I can finish it up at work, at home, while I'm at Starbucks, while I'm looking at my iPad.... I suppose I can save an electronic file, but between my work laptop, my home laptop and desktop, my iPad, and my iPhone, I'm typically using five different devices at any given time.

    Plus my posts tend to be link heavy, and those are pretty much a slog if I save them in TXT format.

  9. When I write off-line and copy and paste it over,WordPress gets a little glitchy for me.

    A copy and paste temporarily from Word document into wordpad or notepad or any plain .txt file.

    Then I do a copy again from that opened file (I never save a .txt file version) and paste into wordpress post template. Alot less problems.

    Rooktopia, I just find iPad a pain in the butt to type lengthy sentences. So I would never use iPad to draft /do any blogging. Just to look at my published post in iPad to see if it renders correctly.

  10. Why to keep the vegetables in the freezer for a while rather than eating them fresh?

  11. theinsanityaquarium

    Because Captain Birdseye advocates the use of freezers, and I don't want him coming to my house with his hook hand. Not again.

  12. Lol :)

  13. Why to keep the vegetables in the freezer for a while rather than eating them fresh?

    Need to live in parts of Canada that freezes up from Nov. to April during winter. :) Unless one buys strawberries from California or asparagus from Peru...which is ok sometimes.

    WordPress gives us tools to create content directly online, so was curious how people were using them or not.

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