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    Just a quick question. I’ve been using the counter on my blog for six months but the last few weeks it hasn’t been displaying properly; sometimes it’s fine but other times for hours it’ll just display like a broken link or won’t appear at all in any browser.

    Maybe it’s just something I haven’t noticed before but I was wondering if it’s been happening to anyone else as well? I’ve recommended it in the forums a couple of times to people asking about displaying counters, so I’m hoping it’s just a problem on my end. If it is I’ll have to double check the code or contact the support.



    i’ve noticed it every once in a while. It seemed to be happening a lot for me maybe 2-3 months ago, but it’s rare now.

    I wonder if they are having server issues?



    I host the icon image in my account, and the vanishings seem related to the Images Vanishing error that’s been floating around for a while. Haven’t seen it in a few weeks, though.



    The site’s been down a lot recently. Like last night where it was down for a good few hours.



    I haven’t noticed it for a few days, so hopefully it’s settling down… otherwise I guess it’s just something we’ll have to live with. Thanks everyone. :)

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