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Anyone else doing this sort of writing out there?

  1. Lies Will Out seeks to look at our current day and ferret out lies of all stripes - big and small, black and white and grey. Truth is malleable, fraught with opinion more than fact, but lies are much trickier. And even better defended. I am curious whether anyone knows of other blogs making similar attempts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well ... if truth is malleable ... couldn't one shape a lie as fact? Politicians and the press do it all the time.

  3. What sort of writing exactly? Specifically truth and lies? I'm not aware of any thoughts of this sort being in vogue since the Age of Enlightenment. Writing seems to have become more grounded since then - and for good reason. I wouldn't go knocking myself out trying to disentangle the threads of truth from lies. Everyone subscribes to his own philosophy, often regardless of facts. Persuasion is the trickiest thing of all in the proposition - a tendency exists for people to dig into their ways even more when presented with facts proving the contrary of their belief.

  4. Lies are deliberate, automatic, errors, and imprinting results.
    Most are the result of confusion about the nature of life.
    People who deliberately deceive others fail to understand that causes produce effects and that all life is interconnected.


  6. Have more to say here...
    Truth and lies are difficult because so much of what we are bombarded with every day is pure opinion. Not that that doesn't have any value, obviously I wouldn't be here if I wasn't into spewing my opinion onto the web. However, so much of what we think we know is really just the version put forth by the biggest loudmouth out there, not necessarily the truth.

    Truth is verifiable facts. It's data. It's not editorialized. It's not incomplete or censored or pessimistic or optimistic or anything else--truth doesn't have an adjective. You can spin the facts, but that only changes how people see them, not the nature of the facts themselves.

    I don't go to blogs for facts. I don't even go to the news for facts. They're just not there.

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