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Anyone else getting a lot of Spam from this IP

  1. Of the 140 odd spam comments I've blocked in a month, perhaps 100 have come from this IP usually from a email. Is anyone else having an issue with this IP? If so, can the MU set up block this IP? I know about the dynamic IP addressing, but this is the same IP, spamming over and over again...which suggests to me that it's a PC which is switched on, connected to the internet and running a posting program 24/7. If that's the case, then blocking it should stop that source.....until it's owner clicks, and changes IP.

  2. Middle of Russia. Doens't surprise me.

    I'd send ina feedback and point it out to staff. They've said many times though that they would rather not put into actual IP blocks as they tend to backfire though. And you can change your IP address in about two seconds.

  3. I thought this was resolved, turns out......nothing has changed.

    From the time I posted this to the forum, until I reported it via feedback, there was another 12 added to the approximately 100.

    I did report it via feedback, and was told by Mark that this was being monitored by Aksimet already. I was then told it was blocked.

    I got 1 more after being told it was blocked.....same email, same IP, same spam. I emailed back asking what was blocked. By the time I got a response to that question (which was quite quick) I found another 5....same email, same IP, same spam. The response was "Sorry about the spam - we'll keep doing what we can."

    I thought you did.....I thought you blocked the IP.

    I know it's a difficult issue, I know that changing an IP is simple, I also know that blocking the email part of the domain name will likely do nothing.....I regularly state my email as if a site insists on it, and I am suspicious of it's intent. Blocking that domain (if it exists) won't stop me posting again.

    The IP address is consistent, and is the way my firewall works, I'm guessing have specially built firewalls which don't know what an IP address is.

    Sorry if this is sounding a little pissed off, except that I am a little pissed off. I am not going to keep hounding you via feedback because I doubt it will change anything.

    Could you explain how banning that domain and not the IP address would have stopped the spam coming from it? After that could you explain why I have received another 6 IDENTICAL spam AFTER it was apparently blocked? Then, could you explain what you did block, as it seems the domain and IP were not among them. Maybe my Microsoft Certification didn't apply to this special firewall you use.

  4. You probably should be directing that directly towards staff. By posting it here, it sounds more like you're saying that against anyone who wants to be a target and that may offend those here who are helping but yet not in a position to actually do something about the issue. (ie the volenteers)

    No disrespect intended.

    And I let my Microsoft Certification lapse when we went through that crap about being required to retake the courses with windows 2k. :)


    edit: What's strange is I'm not seeing abuse from this address on my own routers. Usually when something hits here, we get it also on my own servers. Just the normal crud from Midland and a small run that stopped quickly when we reported it from Italy.

  5. On the MCP front, yeah your does diminish over time. I'm certified in XP, now the MCP will be in Vista. The reason for posting here initially was to find out if others were getting the same spam, from the same IP. The only response I got was from you suggesting I report via feedback. I marked it as resolved and did that.....and after a couple of emails am told it's blocked, but nothing changed.

    This is not having a go at's back to my original anyone else getting the same issue? And to find out what exactly has been blocked here, since the IP address obviously hasn't....or it has, and the spammer has found a sneaky way to mask the IP address, and still have it showing from an apparently banned one.

    Maybe by getting some responses here, others may report the same problem which may actually get it stopped. Yes I am venting a little bit here, I tend to do that when I'm told something is fixed when it clearly is not.

    Spammers who fake their IP won't be stopped by blocking an IP, that's a given.....but this is the SAME IP, doing it OVER & OVER & OVER again. Surely in this example there is logic to blocking that IP. Or at the very least emailing the ISP concerned with a complaint about one of their users.

  6. ......add another 3 fresh 'uns to the count.

  7. I'm sitting here trying to get theplanet to deal with a spammer on one of their boxes that's hitting the wpmu forums. I feel your pain.

  8. They are annoying....I just got another 6 fresh un's to add to the count. Technically 7, but the 7th was a "nonprescriptions" it's not (the I know of) from this spammer.

  9. .....and another 12 from the same IP, same email, same spam.

  10. Yes OK dirkgently , I don't think we need to hear a running minute by minute count thanks !!!!

  11. Just showing how effective the blocking of the domain has been.

  12. I am starting to wonder if wordpress actually give a shit about spam. I get the impression that blocking a persistent IP spammer is out of the question, just in case that spammer has a blog who draws in traffic themselves and can't access it.

    All in all....I'm making plans to leave wordpress. Since the running count wasn't making any more impact than the feedback email.....I thought I'd update.......since the last count, add another 18. It's fu#king ridiculous, specially from ONE IP which can be easily blocked.

  13. @dirkgently
    IMO you are over-reacting. The numbers you are talking about are extremely low. Akismet catches hundreds of spam posts to my blogs every day and all I have to do is click the delete button. But apparently your frustration limit is a lot lower than my own and you know of a spam free blog host so best wishes whatever you decide to do.

  14. I am starting to wonder if wordpress actually give a shit about spam

    Considering that Akismet is their project and they're pretty much giving away support and connections for it, I'd say so.

  15. I understand some spam is sneaky to avoid an easy block. Some arrive via lots of IP addresses (almost guaranteed to be spoofed) so blocking any of them wont do anything. For one persistent spammer who does not even try to spoof IP addresses.....spams with the SAME IP, and not being blocked....yes, that pisses me off, because it's an easy fix that's not being applied.

    I understand it's a low amount, I've been here about 5 weeks now, so that reflects my this rate how many will this ONE IP be sending me this time next year since it's obviously not going to be blocked? It has led me off on another train of wordpress spam? Seems that ignoring an obvious hit suggests a subconscious siding with the spammers.

    If I look at my firewall logs and see ONE IP trying over and over to get into my system what do I do? Block it? Or follow the policy here and wish my system good luck with a shrug meaning "what do you want me to do about it?"

    Ever thought that by blocking one spammer, hitting from the same IP, that the numbers having to be caught would drop? Maybe thats it......Akismet needs to look as effective as possible to raise it's value, by blocking off one source before Akismet spots it, those numbers drop......making it appear less effective, and lowering it's value. Is Akismet going to be sold anytime soon?

  16. dirk, whether or not gives a shit about spam is not for us to say. But speaking for myself I can say that it is tiresome to see this bloody thread popping up over and over with pointless updates.

    "Nixon, still dead, film at eleven."

  17. I've also been blocking Midland Texas from my own servers for going on four years now because of some spammer that I booted four years ago for spamming. He sits on a Road Runner IP address and to this day, that local Time Warner hasn't even acknoledged that I've even reported the issue and I've got the head of security's office number in my address book. (His hands are tied as security is dealt with at a local level.)

    You do what you can....

    600k connections last week. The idiot's still trying.

    If I look at my firewall logs and see ONE IP trying over and over to get into my system what do I do?

    Summed up as "Your server, your rules" Also "My server my rules" (Note that isn't my servers.) isn't your server. Please remember that.

    This is a policy issue. This is a support forum though. You need to bring this up with staff. They're the only ones who can help you with the issue. Harping about the problem here in the forums is just "pissing into the wind" or "standing on the Jersey Pike complaining about traffic."

    As a personal aside, if I noticed that traffic like that, I'd have blocked them as well. But again, isn't my servers.

  18. Silence is golden huh? OK I get the message...not much further than a month in, and I get the wordpress ideology. I may as well mark this as resolved since either nobody else gets spam from this IP, or that they don't care enough to say "yes" and hope to shame an admin into blocking it.

    The message being sent out to the spammers is this....

    "Keep hitting wordpress blogs, don't even bother with the extra hassle of spoofing IP's, it won't matter, you won't get blocked. The community don't take much notice of anyone complaining. They will of course be picked up by Akismet and inflate their figures, so buying shares in Akismet may be a good investment.....on the hope than any buyer does not look at the easily preventable spam it chose to count."

    You're right mike "you do what you can". I don't expect miracles, I don't expect a spam free blog, I know spammers are cunning to get round the blocks.....but wordpress are NOT doing what they can. That's my point.

    I don't care anymore...I've lost faith in the one-man-show that is wordpress.

  19. either nobody else gets spam from this IP, or that they don't care

    That would be B.

    dirk, you're getting spam. We're getting spam. We're all dealing with it. If you want to not deal with it, follow Dr Mike's advice and find a blog hosting service that does not get spam.

  20. Silence is golden huh?

    No, it's just that other folks release that you need to be discussing this with staff as it's a policy issue, not a support one.

    That and you're looking rather childish about teh issue. It's spam. If you have such an issue with teh IP address, why haven't you contacted the ISP in question directly? That would have been the best resolution to the matter.

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