anyone else getting hits from statistic counter or stat service websites?

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    For the past couple of weeks, my stats page will show from time to time that various statistic counter websites have visited my page, for example:, I’ve clicked on them and they are websites “under construction.” A few days later, they ALWAYS disappear from my stats. What is this? I realize I shouldn’t have clicked on them, but I was curious – it seems like someone else’s blog was counting me as part of their stats? Or is this just an automated thing? It just seems like when I’ve visited other blogs lately, it pops up again.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s very interesting. I have never seen that. Staff must have tweaked the stats counter here so that it does count robots and spiders, whereas before it didn’t (I feel cheated, because my stats haven’t gone up!).

    I would report it as if it were a spam referrer to staff via


    Yes, it is a spam referrer – I’ve had the same, repeatedly on two different blogs, and reported it to Support, and they confirmed it’s spam. But keep reporting… these evil creatures keep tweeking their url’s so as fast as one gets blocked, they get another one going one letter off…


    was wondering what they were, also suspected they were spammers..



    Hi Guys,
    This situation is merely an annoyance. It does not affect your blog’s standing with Google in any way.

    Staff have created a filtering system. They have requested that we do not click the spam refferer links because that is what the spammers want us to do. They have also requested that we do not post any referrer information into forum threads, but instead that we report all spam refferer links directly to them. Thanks for doing that.

    Please do not post any information here at all. If you have not reported the links directly to Staff please do that now.

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