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Anyone else having issues with WP?

  1. I am wondering if it is only my site, or are others having problems with WP, right now? When I hit the submit button, it goes to a blank page. My post is posted, but it should refresh the page and I should be able to see the post, not a blank page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. yes, that happened to me twice this morning.

  3. Howdy. There was a glitch this morning which may have caused this. It has been fixed for over an hour though. It is still happening to you guys?

  4. No, Barry. It's working well for me now. Thanks.

  5. i am having this issue since yesterday.

  6. i'm having right now the issue of a "http error" if i try to upload any photo. no matter if it's jpg, gif or png. any help?

  7. I was having a problem with images I just uploaded and added to posts/pages-they showed up properly when uploading but not when posting/previewing. The system seems to be adding a "1" to the end of the filename before the extension, that seems to cause the problem. I removed the 1 from the file URL and it showed properly.

  8. problem is, the pictures won't upload at all, i just get the error.

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