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Anyone else having lesser hits this Holy Week?

  1. Last weekend my hits went WAY down, but now they're back up again, but still haven't got as much hits as last week!

  2. Don't care about hits - I need South Africa offices to be open and working!

  3. It is OK - I've managed to check - they are not all closed. Whew - I can breath again. Sorry - had a minor stress out.

  4. pattikuche & noirciplume - I will blog live from the Royal Wedding. Our office is next to the Abbey and we have a balcony. Already there are the more loyal (mentally disturbed) royal fans reserving their spots. God knows why as there is plenty of space. Plus many news crews standing around...

  5. cool! Seeing that it might be raining on the day of the wedding, my good view is the tv. Being only 5ft, i think my chances in seeing anything outside is rather slim :)
    Can't believe some fans are already camping outside.

  6. The camp out fan on the front of one of this morning's papers did have to come all the way from south London!
    Watching a doc on tv about the wedding and Mr Fidler, the butcher, has showed us his invite.
    stewiejt, by sheer proximity, you are now my brush with fame and together with noirciplume we can look forward to it being Friday Morning and . . . it's LIVE!

  7. haha I'm sure by friday morning we will have a much longer new thread about this wedding. Every one come early to the forums on friday :)

  8. Are everyone's numbers still dropping? I'm curious as to the impact of the holidays followed by a wedding (THE wedding?) on everyone's computer usage habits!

  9. Drooping numbers but magnificent sunshine here in UK - outside to bask and play plus work in the garden! Then rest before tomorrow's big blog fest!

  10. Hi teamoyeniyi - it's a yes, for me. I'm giving it a rest for the next couple of days. I'm half way through a really interesting book so I'm going to kick back and read for a while. I just logged in to say a quick 'hi guys'.

  11. Things seem to re returning to normal, finally! Anyone else finding that?

  12. this is my highest in 4 day's

  13. Same here - well, yesterday for me now as we are a little ahead of you!

  14. my other site has keep it's usual amount of hit's every day right through the holiday's , but i think that's because people are looking for information of a special type.

  15. My stats are down. I just looked at the monthly totals and know I will have to become a content production machine to regain them :(

  16. However, on my personal blog my stats are up as some wonderful reader stumbled my posts. Yay!

  17. Mine finally rebounded today. I'm not sure how they'll progress now that I've decided to cut back to three posts a week. Although, I got respectable numbers for one post that I kept up for four days. We'll see.

  18. Mine have slowly increased each day since Saturday, which was the first respectable day for what seems like an age!

  19. I thought I was the only one being hit less. The last two weeks have been my lowest since I've begun blogging 6months ago. Strange.

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