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anyone else having login problems?

  1. I have jsut noticed this happening today.....
    I go to , get the login in page, then type my username & password, and when I hit enter the annoying page that says "the page can not be displayed" shows up. I then have to click my back button on my toolbar, which brings me back to the login page. Then if I click on the home link at the top of the page it will finally bring me to my dashboard. anyone else out there having this problem?

  2. Yes.
    The same thing has happened to me all day.

  3. Yup i am too facing the same prob.. but it for some user of mine only..
    When i click on login it just dont open. I manually have to correct the URL...
    URL after clicking ==> http://xyzname.wordpress.comwp-admin/
    But it should be like this ==>

    Just a '/' after .com.

    But for some user its not working. Even i tried to clear the cookie but it doesnt help...

  4. Yeah, I had the same problem and I added the '/' after the blog URL and it worked fine for both my blogs. But it is an inconvenience, to keep doing it every time. I'm sure the WP guys will clear it up in a day or so. Till then, add the '/' :-)

  5. I also can only login via

    (ups--hope not everybody can now login with this link into my accout- if this is the case please let me know

    as i would like to set up my wordpress-blog into wbloggar-sw for posting this is a little problem

    does anybody know how to set up the wordpress-acount in wbloggar??

    thx for help

  6. Atleast I am not the only one having this problem, and thanks for the help

  7. I'm also having this problem too... for a few days already.

  8. I'm having log-in problems too. I just started experiencing it today. Although, my problem may be slightly different. I have two different wordpress blogs, but they both have the same password. I tried signing into one of them today and it gave me an error message. I checked to make sure my cookies are enabled (they are) and reset my password just in case. I finally got into that blog, then signed out. But when I tried to get into the second blog, it gave me the same message.

  9. I have been having problems too for the last 5 days or so...I have been going to & typing in my username and password; however I get a "The page cannot be displayed" message and it appears under ""

    The only way I can actually access my blog is by typing "" and then entering my username and password.

    Not a major issue - just a bit annoying.

  10. never had so many problems trying to start a blog before lol

  11. This should be fixed now, sorry for the delay. It was a tricky bug to track down.

  12. Thanks for that Matt...all fixed now :)

  13. Yes thank you very much Matt, everthing is now working great :)

  14. Unfortunately, not here. I suddenly can't login either. With any method.

  15. Just had the same problem 30 minutes ago. The only way I logged in was via the "login" function in my sidebar.

    Any attempts via the normal login screen failed and gave a "wrong password" error.

  16. Unfortunately, I was testing links in my sidebar on the Regulus Theme and turned off the admin meta section to get a feel for how the links laid out. No access to the login from the sidebar for me.

    What's the link, Marc? Is it or something else? It worked two hours ago. Ugh.

  17. I can log in but I have to login every time I try to access the site. Never had to do that before tonight. I even have to log in to the forums. I just posted here about the security messages that have just started popping up everytime I switch from dashboard to manage posts to blog view. Enough to drive one crazy. This must be one pesky bug they are dealing with.

  18. It works now. Very strange.

  19. Some browsers post warnings when transitioning from secure pages to insecure pages. This is the browser doing this, not us. I think you can turn it off in some browers. The admin backend and your login cookies are now delivered over SSL for added security.

    Lorelle, you can login here.

    We have two different issues in this thread. Let's start a new one if there are still problems.

  20. I now find I have to login twice - the first time the username/pwd discappears and nothing happens; the 2nd time it all goes through fine. This started to happen today.

  21. i cant log in either :( i keep getting the "this page cannot be displayed" message. I even tried logging in throught the wordpress site :(

    i am SO not computer litterate, so this is very confusing... :(

  22. I can't login. This started over 24 hours ago and has been constant since.

    I am simply re-directed back to the login page with no "wrong password" warning or anything.

    Specifically, I go here to login:

    The URL I am sent to after hitting the login button is:

    Sad now. Can anyone fix this? Pretty please??

  23. I'm having problems logging in as of today, March 8th. Even though I haven't changed my privacy/security settings or cookies, it doesn't remember me, and I have to login anew each time I open up the page.

    Aneil Mishra

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