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anyone else having problems with your blog?

  1. agnosticatheist

    I've been trying to work on my blog for a couple hours now and keep getting the "Server Maintenance - Check back in 5 minutes" message.

  2. Same here..Have sent them a feedback on the contact us form that happened to have popped up in between the 'Server maintenance message'.

  3. yes me too. :)

  4. I am experiencing the same "server maintenance" message on the blog on my domain. However, as server maintenance indicates that staff are at work I saw no point in sending them a feedback. The way I look at it they are working as quickly as they can to restore everything to normal and that means our part in this is exercising patience.

  5. The 'contact us ' message popped up after the ' maintenance of server' message on a page which said something to the effect.. "all is fine now but if you are still experiencing problems then contact us". And since I wasn't able to access my site , sent them a feedback, meaning to apprise them.

  6. agnosticatheist


    You're absolutely correct. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something specific to my blog since I was migrating to a new domain tonight.


  7. Yep, I"ve been seeing this off and on for an hour maybe. I did check the blogs, and they all appeared to be up and running. I can't upload images though.

  8. For the last 3 days on the blog on my domain I have experienced these kind of difficulties:
    deletions that don't"stick";
    inability to add categories and sub-categories;
    inability to upload images;
    slow page loading times;
    error messages - "something strange happened. Refresh the page," and
    the service maintenance message.
    It has been and it continues to be truly annoying but, getting upset about it is senseless.

    P.S. If it were me making the decision I would not choose tonight to "migrate".

  9. Good advice.

    Has anyone else noticed on the Dashboard the "most recently updated" list has been frozen for two days?

  10. Yes Raincoaster..things seem to be virtually normal now. I guess I will avoid uploading images for a day or so till such time as the WordPress Wondermen can fix the temporary glitches they are encountering. Other than that everything seems just fine.

  11. @rain
    Yes I noticed that too.

    Although it's making me feel witchy, I'm going to do the same . :P

  12. @raincoater
    Most recent posts still stuck on 25 june.

  13. Extremely slow page loading for the past day. And a drag between the time that I hit the keys on the keyboard while writing a post and the time that the letters show up on the screen. I wondered if it was my computer, which I'm going to replace soon anyway. But the pages load at relatively normal speed everywhere else; it's only when I'm logged on at WordPress, trying to do something on my blog...

  14. forestneeds: what are you referring to exactly? if it's your blog @ the blog has not been updated since january.

  15. ...And you don't have a recent posts widget on your blog either.

  16. For about 5 days now I have not been able to post photos linked from Photobucket. I don't like uploading them directly because it always seems to crop them and photographs are the raison d'etre of my blog.

  17. What happens when you try to post them?

    I linked to photobucket just the other day and it was fine.

  18. Neath, please start a new thread. You're question is not in regards to server maintance and it's normally considered rude to hyjack other people's threads.

    And when you do, please specifically link to a post where this is occuring as well as the source page over at photobucket.

  19. have you tried another hosting service? just to check if the problem isn't really in photobucket?

  20. Ok, will try all other things. Sorry for apparent hijack, thought it might be relevant as others mentioned uploading photo problems. Apologies all round.

  21. Dashboard; What's hot; Latest posts (on other peoples blogs) 25 June (ongoing problem). Top blogs & posts, plus fastest growing are continually being updated; while lastest posts aren't.

  22. Closing thread as we don't want a catch all here.

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