anyone else having trouble uploading images?

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    Can you be more specific about your issues?

    Can you upload images? Can you send them to the post? If not, where do things hang up and what happens? Do you get an error message, does the window go white, do things freeze, what happens?



    ok i checked out the cookie dance.

    it seems absurd that we should have to go through all that rigamarole to post a simple image when just a few short weeks ago images posted just fine.

    last november, within a few hours, i had a blog on WP figured out. just january i helped 30 developmental writing students at a community colleges get blogs up. now many of them are frustrated with the new dashboard and other issues. me too.

    wordpress–don’t bother trying to post images. afterall, it’s called word press.

    guess i’ll just go back to words until it’s safe to poke my image desiring head above water.



    So, it worked?



    ok to be more specific for you (and more useful to you so perhaps someone will be able to help rather than just read about my complaints)

    the images: they upload. they sit in a gallery. they wait. maybe they’re drinking wine. i should be.

    they don’t show up in the post, no matter how many times i upload them and click on insert post. nada. just a grey screen. but let me go try again and report back as specifically as possible. i’ve been specific on another post in this forum a week or so ago. the image eventually posted but i have no idea how or why in order to replicate my actions.

    so i just tried again after a 45 minute or so hiatus. voila. the image showed up in the post. i didn’t do anything different than i had tried a dozen or so times.

    maybe raincoaster cast a spell…

    sorry to sound so peeved. but i am frustrated and it really has caused me to dread my blog and to lose the confidence i once had.



    no the cookie dance didn’t work–i didn’t try it. not willing to close down all the various projects i have going on (work related) to post a picture that, in the grand scheme of things, no one really cares that much about except me.


    Saving and continuing is now a 2-3-4-5 minute process each time, and I *still* can’t upload photos properly. Everything’s fine till you get to the ‘upload’ part — click on that and the ‘crunching’ bar keeps going and going and going… that, or the browser style uploader completely crashes the site and half the time, my entire browser as well.

    Yes, I have tried all the fixits and uploads and updates and everything else suggested save downloading a brand new browser. I am an old IE hand (that doesn’t mean I run IE 4.0 — it’s 7.0.5730.11 to be exact). I don’t know thing one about firefox etc. and I don’t want a new browser. I am OCD about clearing my cache. I don’t have issues on any other sites…

    I can upload photos on rare occasions using the the old browser style. Since I have made the recommended changes/updates, and I don’t go around changing my software on a daily basis, I don’t think it’s *my* software that is the underlying issue with these photo uploads — after all — it *does* work occasionally.



    artpredator, I totally understand your frustration. Believe me, if I had magic powers I would not be using Windows 98 on 128 meg of ram.

    Thanks for answering the questions. For future use, here is a workaround for you until they fix it that will save TONS of time.

    Upload the image. Get the URL, either from the box that just uploaded it or from the Uploaded Media list (click Show). Close the upload pop-up. Open the Image Icon in the post (the Tree). Paste the URL in there. Format it by using that pop-up and to align, use the Columns Alignment, which seems to override everything else.

    outofthegarden, thanks for answering in advance. I have NOT heard someone having that problem with the browser uploader before; it’s supposed to work just like the old-skool uploader as far as I know. As a workaround (I never dig and figure things out, I just work around them) you could host images at Flickr or Photobucket. Be warned Photobucket hates nudes of any kind, even Da Vinci nudes, and will threaten your account if they find them.



    i’m on win XP and latest version of opera and i’m having exactly the same problem with inserting images into post. images are already sitting and drinking wine in my gallery [like artpredator said about his images :)] but when i click “insert into post’ button, i get an empty screen and nothing else happens.
    3 days ago i was able to insert images, now i’m not..
    i’m going to try inserting on other browsers but i don’t think it will help.


    Gee WiZz… I seem to be spending all day here today… Yep, I can’t upload images either!

    Rather frustrating… Raincoaster why don’t you have a magic powers, just not good enough :)


    Ok… just seen the sticky.

    If you’re having upload problems you have to upgrade flash…



    Running osx 10.4.11, firefox 2.0, updated flash player, and I’ve got the same problem. Been stymied all afternoon. New twist though…occasionally I’ll return to try again to do a new post, and the image is there! But its on my previously written and edited ABOUT page, not in the post that I was working on. Its happened twice now. Close to an hour later, it pops up where I didn’t want it. First time I saved it because I was so excited, then had to delete my about page and redo…yikes…



    Could you give us links to some of these pages and posts?



    I cannot upload images and I can’t get Support to tell me how to do it. I’m referred to a Flash video that does not work. This should not be that difficult. There should be simple instructions or just say we don’t do that.



    This morning and for the past 15 mins (10am EST) I have been having problems uploading images. I cant see the entire upload box. Then, I try to trick it by minimizing my browser and changing the window size. I type in the image URL, and title, but then nothing I do lets me see the button to click on upload.



    I am having the same problem… it has been in the last few days… I have cleared my browser, updated flash, and I am still unable to post a picture or video into my post. What I get is a box with the small red x in the corner. I am currently on my desk top which has XP.



    I am having an issue as well. The graphic box is hanging at the bottom of the screen and I cannot move it up.


    I have the most recent version of flash too. The problem is the image upload box is aligning below the bottom of the screen. Half the box shows, half does not. So although an image can be uploaded, the caption, description and picture size options cannot be used (which means that inserting the image into the blogged post cannot be performed). Resizing the screen does not work. Cleaning out the cache, loggin in/out does not work.



    I had trouble yesterday and also this morning, and so somebody here at the forum in an old post recommended a little desktop editor

    It works! I installed it in a minute. There is a wizard to connect it to WordPress. Now I’ll be able to format the post with its pictures all offline


    I had the same problem with half the upload window being out of reach. I use Firefox and when I opened up my drafting screen in IE tab I was able to see the whole upload window. Not a fix, since I much prefer to stay in Firefox, but at least it’s a workaround.



    Clear your browser cache in Firefox and try again. WordPress did a bug fix on that issue but it doesn’t seem to take effect until you clear your browser cache. Worked for me.

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