anyone else out there using redoable lite?

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    I would like to start a little redoable lite self-help / therapy group since I have so very many problems with this new theme and have so far received little in the way of advice or support.

    Anyone else out there using redoable lite? I have been having a few problems with the theme, among them a screwed-up sidebar and a subheading that doesn’t show up.

    But my main problem is this:

    1. How have you solved the problem of the post size changing from wide to narrow depending on whether you arrive via the blog URL or the post URL? It’s wide via the blog, narrow via the post.

    I’ve tried to contact the designer, got no response. That’s why I’m trying this route.


    ah well, guess not.


    Let me do some playing around with Firebug and see if I can figure anything out. It may require a CSS upgrade to fix it unless of course it’s set in the theme php files and not the CSS.


    Well this one is beyond me. I can get rid of the post metadata but it doesn’t change the width of the text area. I tried several other things as well. I’m just not versed enough in CSS to know what else would have to be done.

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