Anyone else see a sudden spike in readers coinciding with the new dashboard?

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    I have been noticing a sudden record number of hits on my page lately, and realized that it coincided with the advent of the new dashboard. So I was wondering if something had changed in the stats counter that made it less, or — hopefully — more accurate. So I came onto the forums to see if anyone else was having the same inexplicable reader spike.

    That’s it. :D



    Yes, I went from 0 to 6 readers in 20 minutes!



    No. I lost 500 people yesterday. I figured most users took the weekend off, which is smarter than me.



    That is because you are a blog-o-holic rain :) On point though, it must be coincidence as the new dashboard is still displaying the same information on posts so that is the same.




    No spike. But I did post links to posts I did to try to help people having problems with the new photo upload scheme. Surprisingly, the number of people who used those links were lower than I would have expected given all the problems!



    Yes, these forums suXXorz for getting hits. You rarely see more than six people clicking through a link. I think this weekend as well, most people expect to come, make a new thread, and have their question custom-answered, unaware that there are ten other threads on exactly the same issue. I’ve seen threads bumped when the answer has been supplied in a link they just didn’t bother to click on.



    Funny you should say that, the same thing happened to me! Except, in my case, this happened because I told some more of my friends about the blog, and they went a little nuts Rick Rolling me. Maybe it was just a strange coincidence?


    Thanks all; my curiosity has been assuaged. :)



    My numbers continue to increase at about the same rate as before the makeover. The one thing about the stats that annoys me now is the inability to scroll the display sideways now in order to get a display for a different time period. And despite the FAQ (forum?) post that says “the stats page can be modified by manipulating the url. Hint: try &enddate=05-12-31”, it doesn’t work for me :(



    @ raincoaster

    I noticed my hits were down a bit too. I admit I did log out and go do other things, hoping some of the buggy things would be resolved when I got back. So I can’t complain about losing a bit since I did it too.



    @ fracas. I just realized I was so busy in the forums yesterday I haven’t posted anything in 36 hours! Priorities, priorities. It’s not actually THAT broken, if you know the workarounds. And I’ve been posting them here for four days, so I sure aught to know them all.

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