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Anyone experiencing connection problems out there?

  1. Hi,

    My 3 blogs are very difficult to access since yesterday. Even worse, I am almost never able to access my dashboards. I am wondering if it's a specific situation of mine (I live in Thailand and my connection is not always top notch) or if anyone else is experiencing the same problems...

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  2. Things are OK here; who is your ISP?

  3. True Thailand. My connection seems to be OK though, I have no problem whatsoever to load other sites...
    Is there a WordPress support team I could ask to look into it? I couldn't find any email-address so far.

  4. Yup, we have a contact form here: - please send in as many details as you can.

    I'm looking into it, but can't see any problems with your blog, hence asking about your ISP.

  5. Thanks hanni. Found the contact form before you answered. Already sent a request with not too many details but I was not sure what to mention. Will wait for the answer and see.

  6. yes i have same problem - seems twitter is also difficult to access at the moment. My ISP is True thailand and other websites are definitely OK. Sometimes if I put in a proxy server from the UK, it will load.

  7. I cant now load the above if anyone has any suggestions, would be gratefully received! :)

  8. Errm, Hanni sent me an email but I can't give you her address here of course :)

    Thanks for your answer by the way kpthorky, it's nice to see that I'm not alone... Looks like True are really having a problem with WP, I can't even access my front page anymore now (and yours either by the way). It's a pain!

  9. Everything's working again since today morning.

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