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Anyone got any creepy commenters?

  1. I feel like I may have crossed the line to creepy commenter without knowing it. Woops. My bad.
    Anyways, does anyone have any creepy commenters? Yall could comment on everyone of my posts and it wouldnt creep my out, but does anyone have and commenters that they think are creepy?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I did early on - see my post about raciest, violent spam - that was pretty creepy. After I wrote that post they didn't try to hit me again, or Akismet got them all, I'm not sure. Either way, it wasn't nice at the time.

  3. @jmcartee
    You have posted a few forum threads here aimed at connecting with girls. Well I'm just speculating but maybe that gave rise to someone leaving you a creepy comment as this isn't a dating site, or maybe not.

    Receiving spammy and/or creepy comments comes with the territory of blogging. Either mark them as trash them or mark them as spam if they actually are spam aimed at getting you to click links and move on.

  4. I meant that I accidentally was a creepy commenter. No one left me any comments that were creepy.

  5. You were't before - but you've certainly made me wonder if you are creepy NOW!

  6. Ok, whatever. What I meant was that I felt like I had commented to much on someones page. I may not have, but idk.

  7. I wouldn't worry about it. No-one will mind if you comment a lot as long as you don't include personal remarks!

  8. Yeah I didnt do anything like that. I was just trying to be friendly, and I noticed myself commenting alot.

  9. I have one, but it''snot creepy,it was more like annoying. He pointed out my mistake (more like I forgot about that particular info),and I said thank you for correcting me but he kept going on saying how irresponsible I was for giving wrong information and bla bla bla.

    I mean,I really don't mind being criticized and I had already thanking him for that...but he became so obsessive with it. Totally annoying.

  10. I'm on another co-ed forum which is aligned with the cycling world. I will say this about jmcartee:

    I'm not impressed..

  11. Meaning the guys in the cycling world who participate regularily make it clear they are horsing around and then go off in the deep on politics, etc. That's cool, that means they're not solely obssessed about gals.

    All I know it's bikes for them which is why they are there and that's all there needs to be. Same for blogging and general info. Keep it at that.

  12. You're not impressed? And you think I care?
    I dont even really know what youre talking about. Im not obsessed with girls.
    This post said nothing about girls.
    Its on the "Off-topic" threads anyway, which means it can be "Off-topic".

  13. You have posted multiple threads in the Off-Topic Forum which are aimed at connecting with "girls".

    You are getting feedback from female bloggers in this thread and it's making you defensive because the feedback received is that your multiple connect with girls threads feel that behavior may indeed be "creepy".

    Yes, it's your prerogative to post threads on whatever you want. And it's our right to provide open and honest feedback. Perhaps sucking it up and listening to the feedback you invited by posting this thread is a possibility you could consider. Another possibility you could consider is the one I shared above - join a dating site.

  14. Ive posted 2. One asking for help from girls because I could not decide something, and another one stating a fact. If you have a problem with my posts, dont read them. Im not trying to connect with girls over the internet. Being 17 on a dating site doesent look good either by the way.
    Yall have offically made me hate forums. I cant post on them without getting comments of people twisting my words.
    Maybe yall should try rethinking what connecting with girls is like. Stating a fact that girls are cool, and asking for help from girls, is not connecting with them. Its getting info and help from them, and the other one I was stating a fact. Everyone knows it, so why is it so bad for me to post it on the forums.
    Im done with the forums.

  15. Oh excuse me, I mean 3 posts. 2 of which I was STATING A FACT. I dont care whether yall think Im trying to get girls or not.
    It seems like so many people on here try to act like they know something about someone when they dont. Get the hell over the fact that I posted about girls being cool.

  16. Yes, jmcartee, you are a creepy commenter.

  17. raincoaster made me laugh. The simplicity of the comment did it.

    I feel like I'm a pretty creepy commenter, but I think in general I'm creepy so it's a forgivable offense. Wait, no it isn't.

  18. Also I now realize I put offense when offence should have been used. bokunosekai, feel free to pretend I'm that douche bag who rudely went about correcting you and then taking it too far and trying to shame you and you can rudely correct and shame me :) but only if it will make you feel better. Otherwise you may just polite correct me.

  19. I'm wondering if the age of a person you comment to may have something to do with this? You couldn't creep me out but I'm above 35 so I could care less but lets say I was oh ummmmmmmmm 16 then yes it could creep me out and make me feel uncomfortable.

  20. Oh dear, I don't think this thread went in the direction jmcartee had planned, but it's a great read, so funny!

    But on a serious note. Over commenting isn't creepy in itself. It's what's IN the comments that could be.

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