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Anyone Have A Facebook? =)

  1. I think it's lame that WordPress doesn't have a way to "add friend" or something of the sort!!! I know you can comment and message but I think it would help get more traffic to our blogs if we had some sort of community...not just a forum. So do any of you guys have a Facebook? We could add each other and post each others blogs for our friends to read. I have about 400 friends so thats at least 400 potential people that could view your blog!! If you're interested here is the link to my Facebook page:

    I think this is a great way to gain more exposure! Just add me as a friend and message me saying ur from WordPress and I will post your blogs and you can post mine for your friends to see!!! Thanks all!!! :D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Im on facebook. You can find my facebook on my blog page. Its at the top :D

  3. I sent you a request but I didn't see a place to leave a note that I was from wordpress. The link to my profile is

  4. Connecting with random strangers for mutual blog promotion is NOT an effective social media strategy. It's called spam.

  5. ahundredthingstodo

    If I was just adding myself to a group or something like that I wouldn't mind but when it comes to being "friends" on facebook its just way to much.

  6. THere was some half-assed "social media guru" who was running around telling everyone he taught to Friend all of his Facebook friends, connect request them on LinkedIn, and Follow them on Twitter (WITH AutoDMs).

    People like that should die in a fire.

    Besides, it doesn't work. Everyone knows it for exactly what it is. And Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are not stupid. They downgrade or Bozo autoposting etc. LinkedIn will even suspend you if you make too many connection requests.

  7. ahundredthingstodo

    I agree with raincoaster 100%

  8. She was just stating an idea. If you dont like the idea, you dont have to do it. No one is making you. And being friends on facebook is "too much"? Seems like someone takes facebook alittle to seriously to think that being friends with someone on facebook is "too much".

  9. ahundredthingstodo

    So your saying I should expose my private information on my facebook which includes where I live, my personal contact info, where I am at that moment, what Im doing. Yo someone I never met? Who I don't even know if I can trust?

  10. ahundredthingstodo


  11. my private information on my facebook which includes where I live, my personal contact info, where I am at that moment, what Im doing. Yo someone I never met?

    I have Facebook and I have made some wonderful online friends that I have never met. However, I am smart enough not to divulge any of the above information. Just because fellow bloggers wants to network with one another and get more exposure for their blog does NOT make them spammers! I just happen to like making new friends and last I checked that is not a crime!

  12. @ahundredthingstodo facebook is not the most secure thing. Anyone with some smart hacks can get your info. Its the internet, you shouldnt have all that stuff on their anyway.

  13. LOl. Wow guys it was simply a suggestion! No one is forcing anyone to do anything. Apparently the mere thought of a "new idea" does not appeal to you, and thats cool. I didn't mean to start a riot! lol. It's your oppinion and I respect that. No big deal! And yeah actually sharing on FB does work according to my site stats...but apparently thats just mine? So to each his/her own. If you don't want to be friends than thats cool. Not hurtin' me any. lol.

  14. This is a public forum and it's open to view by anyone on the internet. It's important to consider privacy breaches and security risks. Here's some more information in case another a bright idea about forming either a StumbleUpon or Digg gang.

  15. rixxi, it was just a suggestion posted in a forum. Lots of people gave their feedback on it. That's all. This is how people express themselves on the internet, remember.

  16. @raincoaster I am well aware of that. Thats why I stated it was just a suggestion and that I respected everyones opinion ;)

  17. Plenty of this goes on already, there are some apps on facebook specifically to do and it just becomes a big spam circle - of course this is with plenty of deception and self-delusion to try and imitate a genuine interest in post content or in fostering some kind of social relationship with the people you're adding or linking.

    It gains you some hits and links of course, but few will generate anything more than people giving a disinterested and cursory glance over or desultory comments imitating conversation/debate/interest to generate linkbacks. Consequently any real friends you have added on facebook will start ignoring (or hiding) everything you link to because of your complete lack of quality control.

    Each to their own I suppose, but there's something sad about it too - it's almost like those people who feel they have to game social networking sites by adding people they don't genuinely know, or even posting their desperate pleas for adds on 'add me' groups. Needless to say this is normally against T&C (and disrupts the efficacy of the site for genuine users) and happily - like those who link up on social networking sites to pimp their bloggings - ever more of these pitisome foolbags are having their accounts deleted or, as Raincoster pointed out, having their address bozo'd onto a kill list.

    *** it has been pointed out over my shoulder that the above could come across as a bit meanspirited to the people who, in the search for a higher friendcount, do claw desperately for complete strangers to pretend to know them. Good. their lonely tears are delicious to me. :P (But seriously, I'm sure they are perfectly acceptable human beings who deserve our sympathy not scorn)

  18. sorry, 'specifically to do this' I meant.

  19. Its amazing how people can take a suggestion from someone, a suggestion as simple as facebook, and twist it into what they want to think it is.
    @luridtalesofdoom, you didnt come off meanspirited, that was just a dick of a thing to say.
    You people are paranoid. Its just facebook. So put on your tin foil hats and go hide in your bomb shelters.

  20. I cant damn stand annoying people on forums.

  21. "I cant damn stand annoying people on forums" well the answer to that is try to refrain from annoying people on forums then, if it bothers you so much. :P

    I know that's not what you meant, but it's a perfect example of why people will read different things into forum posts. As it is a text-only medium, a large part of a post's meaning will come not from the writer but from the reader's interpretation. One person writes a post trying to recruit people into a promotion-circle on Facebook, another posts reading the first post as promoting spam, yet another interprets it as being a bit pitiful, then another user writes a post interpreting those last two as being paranoid.

    Personally I find that this gap in understanding and consensus is the fun part of conversation in general and that the charm of the internet forum as a medium for conversation is that it exaggerates these issues. If you could say something and have everyone immediately agree with your viewpoint and opinions on the matter then there wouldn't be any point in saying it in the first place.

  22. Well put!

  23. @luridtalesofdoom
    Thumbs up!

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