anyone have problems with the images on the blog?

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    All the posts on my blog have the same image. what’s happening?

    The blog I need help with is


    Same shit here! I don’t know what the fucks up…arrgghh!!


    We might’ve been hacked, but I’m gonna wait on word from WP.


    That is VERY weird. My blog’s okay, but I can see them on yours (both). I’ll mark this for staff to look at.


    Yeah, I have this too. please let me know


    I don’t know if the root cause is the same, but my issue with pictures now is that in the “Top posts widget” every post has it’s right respective picture, except for one the “about” post.
    There is a separate closed thread for “Top posts widget”, but I’m mentioning it here in case the solution for the thead was not complete.
    Please your assistance,
    Thank you!


    Oh yeah, my site, sorry


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    I’m not seeing the issue myself. If you’re still having trouble, please give me a link to a post or page with the problem.


    Hi macmanx, please take a look at
    You can notice on the right sidebar with widgets, in the Top posts the post to “About” does not have the picture.
    Thank you!



    Ah, that’s definitely a separate issue. The About page doesn’t have any images, so there’s nothing for it to display there.


    What has changed? It always showed the picture that I do have on the About page?…In the right side bar…



    There is no picture on your About page:


    :) macmanx, I undestand that there is no in the post itself, and never was, HOWEVER untill last week when it was presented in the “Top posts widgets it always picked up the gravatar picture, the one I have in the about page in the right sude bar.
    So my question is What has changed? Why it doesn’t work anymore? I haven’t changed any settings, but it has stopped to have appeared in the Top posts widget.
    Sorry if I wasn’t clear before on what’s the problem is, please let meknow if I explained it better now.
    Thank you once again for taking your time to look at the problem!



    Currently, the widget only takes images from the posts, but we’re looking into adding some fallback to the widget if the post has no images.


    I’m puzzled…I didn’t change anything, and it did show my picture form the about (yes, not the “in the post”, the one from the side).
    Why it stopped showing it?….
    I’m not asking for having a new option of something, I’m wondering why the previous, already working setting stop working…



    Yes, the widget did change, but we are looking into this.

    As your issue is not related to what’s being discussed in this thread, you should open your own thread if you’d like to continue, otherwise we’ll let you know when it’s fixed.


    Thank you macmanx, I’ll open a separate thread.

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