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Anyone having probs with Sandbox

  1. BTW I am using Sandbox 0.6.1

  2. I've fixed the problem with comments appearing on pages in Sandbox 1.6.1.

    @membracid What problem are you having? Your blog looks ok from here.

  3. OK, comments are definitely back in 1.6.1, so I've switched again.

  4. Thanks mtdewvirus.

  5. Cool, thanks mtdewvirus, I switched back to 1.6.1 now

  6. I'm normally not one to call conspiracy. But I do find it very, very odd that I hadn't logged in to WP in days, blog is suddenly borked up, I complain in several spots....and now, magically, blog design is restored!

    Anyway, things are indeed back to normal, so it's all good.

    But really weird.

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