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Anyone having probs with Sandbox

  1. wholelottalovely

    This moring my left hand panel has repositioned it's self to the foot of the page and my central content panel is now on the left. I haven't changed anything and haven't had any problems before. I'm using an original sandbox theme, is this to do with the new sandbox upgrade? I haven't clicked to apply the upgrade to my blog, so I don't really understand - anyone else having a problem ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. At least one other sandbox user has reported this.

    If you give us a link to the blog we can take a look.

  3. Me, too! And I emailed them and told them. They blamed it on me!

  4. Of course this just HAD to happen when they are heading off for a week! I can't live with my blog looking like this for a week.

  5. I think it has something to do with the sidebar definitions but I can't figure out what.

  6. wholelottalovely

    Take a look it's, it looks awful!!!

  7. Yeah Vivian, this is absolutely lame. P2 is broken, Sandbox is broken and where are staff? Off for a weekender for fish and chips.

  8. My blog using sandbox is not broken, , but there are a number of people with issues.

  9. Wait, I just thought of something. How many of you switched to sandbox 1.6.1? If you did, switch back to 1.1 instead. I switched back because no comments were showing on pages with 1.6.1.

  10. I never switched. I haven't done a damn thing to my blog IN MONTHS except post. And I emailed them BEFORE they went on vacation!

    The problem is somewhere in the sidebar. They changed the definitions (did this before on the search widget), which I've found but the list stuff is what is breaking the format. I've been playing with it but I'm not a CSS guru.

    I can't BELIEVE they would make changes and then go on vacation.

  11. I can't BELIEVE they would make changes and then go on vacation.

    Sadly I'm not surprised really.

  12. Hi all. Not to worry. We're still monitoring things while we're participating in our meetup. We're looking into this issue and will update you with news on that ticket and in this thread.

    Thanks for your patience!

  13. I figured out part of my problem by looking at @thesacredpath's blog. However, my sidebar will NOT return to the top. I've probably screwed something else up that when you guys get around to fixing what you broke will probably cause me another problem.

    What I managed to fix was in the sidebar definition - I need to add
    in order to override the list thing.

  14. yep, I've done been affected. Check out:, my sidebars are way at the bottom.

    I can live with it for a while, it's not the end of the world. I understand y'all are out of town doin' your thang, and I know you'll fix it when you get back. Besides, at least the content is readable! That's the important part. But, I'm curious as to what would cause it on all of our blogs simultaneously.

    thesacredpath, nice layout, man. I dig it.

  15. @wholelottalovely, yours should be fixed! I'm working on the others.

  16. @saij, I think I've got yours fixed too.

  17. And mine?????????

  18. wow! Thanks, Designsimply! Talk about fast. Well, that's why I love wordpress. :)

  19. @vivianpaige, just got yours fixed, can you check it now?

    @saij, plus you had really good timing on this one. ;)

  20. just checked - only one sidebar restored. other one isn't there (and yes, I need to move everything else around again - arrggghh!)

  21. OK, I restored a previous copy of my stylesheet and it looks like it's fixed.

  22. Vivian,

    I was gonna suggest you to try modifying/adding this selectors:

    #container {
    float: left;
    #primary, #secondary {
    float: left;
    #header, #footer {clear: both;}
    #text-222953441 {
    background: #fff;
    #text-222953441 h3 {
    margin: 20px 0 0;
    #text-222953441 div {
    margin: 0 0 18px;

    But as I'm writing this, I saw designsimply's post... so I guess those changes won't apply anymore.... you might want to try them anyway, but honestly I doubt they'll work as when I tested them.

  23. NM my previous post

  24. @Designsimply, good timing is sorely underrated.

  25. Thanks for your help. I've been pulling my hair out. I sent this to support last night as soon as I noticed the problem. I'm disappointed that the support person ignored what I said in my email, which was to let them know that they had done something to cause the problem. Had they just paid attention - and not simply blown me off by saying my blog had html errors (which were, BTW, ALL related to and NONE related to me) it would have saved me a whole lot of heartache.

  26. (small suggestion: Maybe this thread needs to be made a sticky?)

  27. Definitely needs to be a sticky btw, since staff seems to be all over this thread, I got an email from Noel saying the comments on pages in sandbox 1.6.1 was "working as intended now", so I switched back over and the comments were still missing from the pages. I have since switched back to sandbox 1.1 and won't even bother to send another email because it's an obvious that maybe someone didn't double check whether they fixed the issue or not.
    And I looked at this page and the comments section on pages weren't meant to show and only could be activated, unfortunately wp.COM users don't have the option of .php and cant activate comments on pages, anyways ok I'm done now /rant :D

  28. I had switched back to check page comments as well, saw they were still gone so I've permanently switched back to 1.1. I can't figure out WTF they were thinking rolling out a theme that was so broken.

  29. wholelottalovely

    Thank you so much for sorting this out for me!

  30. Ah, missed this thread earlier. My sandbox has been pooped in by WP as well :(

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