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Anyone having trouble with Google?

  1. I just Googled my site and it hasn't been cached since the 12th:

  2. I've been watching this as well. I have seen it fall behind as much as 5 days or so, then it catches up. Anyone have any insight or observation? I like the addition of the links section on My Dashboard

  3. whoops. now mine just updated at google. The time between refreshes was 6 days. Hope this helps.

  4. Nosysnoop, remember you're looking at only one of the public Google datacenters. It has to be updated from the datacenters that sit behind it. The boxes that present the search data output to the public aren't the ones that also do the searching.

    For example.

    Note that it's dated the 20th.

  5. Okay. Thanks! I just wasn't sure.

  6. Not a problem.

  7. Yet more problems with google - has anyone else's blog disappeared from Google all of a sudden? I used to have several posts linked back to, they appeard on a regular google search and now it's the blog never existed. I do a search on the url and it won't even come up, nor has google got any cache copies of it. Anyone else had the same problem or could shed a little light? Thanks!

  8. Nushh, you've already mentioned this in another thread. :)

    I do note though that you have very few inbound links to your site. This may be the issue. I am showing that you are a current PR6 though.

    I would contact Google directly and ask them.

    Good luck,

  9. Yes, thought it was relevant on both, sorry about that :) I've edited the other one to point to this thread instead - thanks!

    I'm quite new, so I was interested in knowing why it could've happened. If I see it's not just me and someone posts the same problem, I'll post any answer I get from Google or otherwise here. Cheers!

  10. I've got to admit that I'm curious as well. I have a client over here who hosts a DMOZ mirror and was dropped from a PR7 to a PR0 a couple of months ago. Their excuse was that it was a spam-link site. That didn't make him too happy. You still have the PR6 though. Kind of weird.

  11. I got this problem too. All of sudden my blog was disappeared from all major search engines. Before missing in action, my blog was on the top ten list for keywords which related to my blog. Now, zip, nothing, null ;-(.

    Hopefully will come back soon.

  12. Um, your blog is less than two weeks old. There's no way for it to show up that quickly in the search engines.

    That and the spammy SEO links in your sidebar to a "Made for Adsense/ RSS scrape site" may have something to do with it.

  13. Drmike,
    Yes, that was true that even though only couple of days but showed up in the top ten list.

    What is spammy SEO (what is SEO?)?
    What is 'Made for Adsense/RSS scrape site'?

    This blog is a 'purely' non-commercial.

  14. Blogs which exist primarily to funnel people to for-profit links in the sidebar are against the Terms of Service, and this may have been what Dr. Mike was referring to. Also, Google recently downgraded blogs it considered to be part of a spam network, so that could have affected your ranking; the place to appeal that would be Google.

  15. Moot now. The blog's been ToSed.

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