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Anyone hit Pingomatic?

  1. Anyone see Pingomatic? Appears to be down.

    For those who rely on technorati and the other ping services, you might want to start hitting those manually.

  2. I been manually pinging technorati for every post I make. I have no idea if pingomatic is actually working or not. How would we know that please? Where would we look to find out if it was functioning or not?

  3. Not getting a thing from their site :(

    Opera is just sitting at 0 bytes loaded and doing nothing.

  4. If the pingomatic site is down, it's a fairly good bet it's not sending pings. I just got an unstyled page to load on but it took a looooong time.

  5. timethief - how are you manually pinging Technorati?

    And when I look at my blog in Technorati, it hasn't been updated for 12 days :( I thought updated it automatically?

  6. You can go to and manually ping them once you're signed in. It's a button to the right of your registered blogs. You can also go to, as they cover much the same territory. But I don't know how to automate that.

  7. I have not been able to reach pingomatic for several days.

    Vivian: WordPress does ping automatically but I believe they use pingomatic do it (because it will ping all the top services at once).

    But the service appears to be down and apparently (at least from where I'm sitting) has been for at least a week. I'm pinging my favorite sites manually after each post.

  8. Well, I just checked again from work and I'm at least getting a homepage for them now.

  9. Hey, I was able to reach them finally and send pings. It looks like they've added two new services. Still no indication of why they were down for so long. Maybe things will be back to normal. I check technorati to see how long it's been since my blog ping was updated. That gives an indication of whether WP and Pingomatic are working correctly.

  10. I find there's a huge lag time on Technorati. Right now there are links to my blog from other blogs that don't register on Technorati, and half the time I ask for my stats it tells me it's too busy right now, come back later. Honestly, I'm just not thrilled with Technorati, although I bow to the hegemony.

  11. Something SHOCKING happened today!! Technorati finally updated my blog after a month and I got hits! :)

  12. When pingomatic is down, use

    If you want to automate it they let you bookmark the submission page to come straight back to. Nifty.

  13. Hmm, Have to remember that one.


  14. Yep, technorati isn't perfect! Sometimes my stats don't show up accurately, either. When they do update I get lots of reads. Good news is I've started getting search engine hits, so maybe that will compensate for when all this other stuff is down.

  15. To manually update T. you can use this in your browser:

    http: //

    Note: Space added to get it to show correctly.

    Seems to work for me.

    I'm thinking it may be an issue with T. though as even Pinggoat seemed not to affect it. :(

  16. So anyone know what happened to pingomatic?

  17. Why are you asking? My posts are being pinged at technorati within moments of being published.

  18. I ping mine at Blog Flux Pinger:

  19. Been working for me. I hit it once a day normally manually though.

    What specific issue are you having?

  20. Oh sweet its back up! :)

    Was getting a really werid ad page and server 500 errors.

  21. Pingoat is useful. I try to ping them (got 'em bookmarked) every post. It's just insurance in case Pingomatic is down, and if they ARE down, how would you know? Can't hurt to hit them both.

  22. Try to bring up in a browser? :) If you can't then safe money is on them being down.

  23. Anyone think pinggoat is down and out and gone into the great beyond? For weeks it's been saying:

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's MySpace Layouts', '', 'h

  24. For clarity:
    Pingomatic is connected to our blogs. It's automatically pinged every time we publish. This thread is about pingomatic .

    It is not about pingoat, which is a third party service that we can use that has no direct connection to blogs.

  25. I know. But I didn't want to start another thread. And drmike and rain talked about pinggoat on here.

  26. The good news is that I just used pingoat and it's working fine. :)

  27. Yes, I used to see that error message all the damn time, but it seems they've fixed it now. If it gives you the error message, just try again in an hour or so.

  28. Just did it again now and same thing. Several weeks now. I dunno.

  29. This really isn't a issue, is it? So have you emailed pingoat?

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