Anyone Know What Theme this is?

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    I’d like to set up a site that looks like this one

    I like the way it looks and the options it provides, but I want to make sure I am purchasing the right one.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Purchasing from where? Just to be on the safe side, you are aware that if you are using, the only themes you can purchase or install are those offered by


    I’m pretty sure the theme is a wordpress one. I write for this website by I am wanting to do my own thing, but I love the layout and the options this one provides.

    #651316 is not a wordpress.COM blog. It is a self-hosted wordpress install on a third-party hosting service.

    You cannot install themes here at wordpress.COM. Read the support link that @airodyssey provided.

    If you write for the website, just ask them, but you will have to self-host the site. This link explains the basic differences between wordpress.COM and the self-hosted wordpress.ORG software.



    It’s WP-Genius by Solostream. I checked by viewing the source code on the side. Currently it’s not offered here, but there is nothing to stop you contacting staff and asking whether there are any plans to add it to their range of premium themes.

    If the answer is no, then you can only use it if you self-host. It’s sometimes possible to imitate the appearance of a third-party theme using the Custom Design upgrade, but you don’t get the extra theme options and that’s really what you’re paying for with a premium theme, rather than the design.

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