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Anyone Noticed Google Inserting Advertisements into Translated Pages?

  1. I've just written a post because I noticed that a page translated from English to French by the Google translation service had adverts inserted into the body of the page by Google.

    Anybody else noticed it?

    Unethical or what?
    Do No Evil - I don't think so.

    The full blog post.....

  2. Um, actually that's inserting those adverts, not google. They've been doing since for over a year now. If you're logged in (or I believe have a previous cookie in your browser), you don't see them. -> See the second paragraph

    Among dozens of threads here in the forums but I don't feel like digging for them this morning.

    By the way, your post here is a bit spammy. There's a couple of threads in the Off Topic subforum where you can post about your posts. This really isn't a Support issue.

  3. Thanks for the info - nobody told me that WordPress were doing that. I was a wee bit
    surprised to see the ads and thought wordpress should know. Apologies all round.

  4. Not a problem. It flipped many folks out the first time they saw it as well.

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