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Anyone on IRC?

  1. The IRC channel on frenode looks pretty abandoned. Anyone interested?

    If there is a thread to bump, I didn't fid it.

  2. oh hell no. irc bakes computers. i don't go near it.
    i warned rain, but she's fearless.
    now she... well, she'll step in in a minute.
    what was it, 7 hours for one post of links yesterday? her computer really didn't like irc. was already giving her fits but now it's fried. it did that to another of mine too. no... no irc. no irc. no no no...

    I meant to just say no thanks... but wow I feel strongly about that place!

  3. I always forget that not everyone's on MacBooks these days.

  4. or using Linux :)

  5. If you are in irc, say someone's name.
    So for me, actually use 'markr' and my irc client (xchat) will bounce in the dock so I know someone has mentioned me.

  6. See?
    IRC is possessed. ;)

  7. how else can we chat w/ mark besides irc when we need to. do you have anything else that will bounce docks at you?

  8. I'm not addicted to IRC. I can stop any time I want...

    I should actually join again one of these days.

  9. So I learnt the basics of IRC in about a day and can have Hooligans stopped much quicker. I love technology.

  10. What is IRC?

    *feels like the kid being left out in the playground*

  11. Rosclarke, IRC is basically a "public room" where everyone can chat and ask other people questions. It is much like MSN or gTalk or AIM in a way, but is based off another service. I connect to IRC using freenode and a program called Colloquy for my macbook.


  12. I thought that channel was nuked? The sticky is gone. The only way I could get into it was through viper's hosted place, whatchamacallit.

  13. I am not 87. I am 287 and I don't look a day over 130!

  14. hmmm, i have an IRC at my desktop in my office table. Our org uses it as one way of communications... but most of the time, we depend on our official email still... hahaha...

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