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Anyone recognize this horizontal minimalistic image/photo style theme?

  1. Does anyone recognize this horizontal minimalistic image/photo style theme?

    [Link redacted due to forum policy of links that lead to mature images] -sl1k

    I used firebug to check what the theme name may be and came up with: /wp-content/themes/LIFE/
    but have had no luck searching for it - anybody have any ideas or can possibly recommend a similar
    horizontal style theme?

  2. On the only horizontally scrolling theme is Shelf, which you can read about here

  3. Thanks Jennifer,
    This looks great unfortunately the maximum pixel width for images in Shelf is 396px - i need to make them large, about: 600x900px - a scalable solution would be perfect if it exists.

  4. It doesn't, at least not in a horizontally scrolling theme. As I mentioned above, the only theme that scrolls horizontally available to us, at the moment anyway, is Shelf.

    If you are willing to look at vertical themes, there are many that can accommodate that width. See this post by another forum volunteer on wpbtips

  5. Ok cool thanks Jennifer,
    Im using a standalone version of wordpress on a separate sever and am looking for an uploadable type theme - does not have to be from wordpress specifically.
    this theme> [link redacted by -sl1k] is wordpress & ideally would like to find that one or at least same characteristics in terms of layout and image sizes.

    thank you!

  6. I thought you were asking about the site linked to your username. These forums are for blogs hosted by If you need help with a standalone version of a installation, then is where you'll want to inquire.

    Good luck!

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