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anything to allow me move from windows live space?

  1. hey guys, i'm totally new here. The reason is i was using windows live spaces before and the system force me to move it to wordpress. I was just shocked when know that we need to move all blog posts since it will be shuted down in March. Somehow I miss that period (I only know bout that on yesterday) and I would like to know wheter i can stil move the blog posts from my windows live space?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Windows Live Spaces provided six months advance notice to their members that they world be shutting down and your content would only be available for moving until March 16th, 2011. We cannot help you here at

  3. ~~timethief

    Contact Microsoft directly:

  4. ~~airodyssey
    Thanks. Bookmarked. :)

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