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Anyway or anyways???

  1. I am always asking myself which one is correct- Anyway or anyways?

    From the internet sites, I have never encountered the word ANYWAYS... but sad to say I can hear from some people using ANYWAYS, which is grammatically wrong.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yeah.. Same goes to <<You dont know nothing>>

    Crazy people... :D

  3. Anyway - you never hear people ask 'which ways to the bar' do you? My pet hate is 'Sorry - my bad'. Your bad what? It's an incomplete sentence. May as well say 'Sorry - my stupid'.

    People pick up things that they hear and then spread them like wildfire.

  4. alifebewhiskered

    Only nouns can be pluralised. 'Anyways' is used informally in speech sometimes (in USA and Canada, I believe). It's similar to people saying 'anyhoo' - they are both slang forms of 'anyway'.

    tltcl - I agree. 'Sorry, my bad' makes me cringe.

  5. crashcourseinself

    Grammar Girl says "anyway" - and I concur.

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