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Anyway or anyways???

  1. I am always asking myself which one is correct- Anyway or anyways?

    From the internet sites, I have never encountered the word ANYWAYS... but sad to say I can hear from some people using ANYWAYS, which is grammatically wrong.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yeah.. Same goes to <<You dont know nothing>>

    Crazy people... :D

  3. Anyway - you never hear people ask 'which ways to the bar' do you? My pet hate is 'Sorry - my bad'. Your bad what? It's an incomplete sentence. May as well say 'Sorry - my stupid'.

    People pick up things that they hear and then spread them like wildfire.

  4. Only nouns can be pluralised. 'Anyways' is used informally in speech sometimes (in USA and Canada, I believe). It's similar to people saying 'anyhoo' - they are both slang forms of 'anyway'.

    tltcl - I agree. 'Sorry, my bad' makes me cringe.

  5. Grammar Girl says "anyway" - and I concur.

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