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Anyway to add scrollbars to blogroll widget in Sandbox?

  1. My blogroll is WAY too long. So I used the page template in Sandbox to put them on a separate page. However, that creates a problem in that Sitemeter won't work on a separate page nor will it work in a text widget.

    So I was wondering - is there any way to incorporate into my CSS the information here that would allow me to have scroll bars on the links widget?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. j/k

    do you want a scroll bar in all of the widgets or just one?

  3. your side bar looks good... I guess I'm too tired or I need more prescription in my glasses... I don't see your blogroll

  4. never mind, found it.

    gimme a few minutes

  5. try this:

    #text-325645881 ul{
    height: 60px;
    overflow: auto;
    padding: 2px;

    I set the hight to 60px just to test it, change it to whatever you need. Also, the selector I'm using is the ID of the current text widget, you'd need to change it to the ID of the blogroll widget.

  6. I just *knew* there was something I was missing. Thanks so much. This works EXACTLY as I wanted it to!

  7. For anyone wanting to do this - I had to do each blogroll category separately.

  8. *loves* I am so doing this for my categories widget. Thanks, devblog!

  9. Sure thing.

  10. Well, now that this is working so well, I figure I might as well ask a followup question :) Is there any way to style the scroll bar? As it stands, it uses whatever your browser uses. (And when I visit rosclarke's blog, mine clashes with her color scheme.)

    So, dear CSS master devblog, any ideas on that?

  11. yes and no.

    I mean, you can style the scrollbar, but since it's not a W3C Standard, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, etc. will just ignore the code... guess what browser will not ignore it? that's right... IE. Why? because IE came up with it.

    If you're still interested, here's the code:

         scrollbar-face-color: [color];
         scrollbar-highlight-color: [color];
         scrollbar-shadow-color: [color];
         scrollbar-3dlight-color: [color];
         scrollbar-arrow-color: [color];
         scrollbar-track-color: [color];
         scrollbar-darkshadow-color: [color];
  12. Oh, that's a shame. The one that I get by default looks lovely with my colour scheme. I guess it's set by my FF appearance plugin?

  13. I didn't know Fx had an appearance plugin... Or are you talking about your current theme?

    Anyway, Fx themes and plugins use XUL, that's why they can change the appearance of the browser and create applications for it.

  14. That's probably what I mean. The thing that changes my icons and tab colours and so on.

  15. Well, if the only browser it works in is IE, I'll skip it. Thanks so much.

    My scroll bar goes with the FF theme I'm using and looks really nice on my blog (of course).

  16. masterclasslady

    I know I should know this, but where do you find the ID of the text widget? Thanks so much.

  17. I use the developer's toolbar for Firefox. When I click on Information>Display ID & Class details, I grab it from there. Not sure how everyone else is doing it.

  18. I use aardvark.

  19. masterclasslady

    Oh, I see. So, it is not something that can be discovered via the WordPress format?

    I honestly thought that I did access the ID at some point here on WordPress, but, at the time, it wasn't important to me.

    Will try your suggestions. Thanks Devblog and Vivian

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