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Anyway to ban people from commenting?

  1. I have lots of spammers, and they all get into my comments, anyway I can prohibit that ?

  2. By marking their comments as spam Akismet will learn.

  3. Gavilan, your blog is at Blogspot. What are you doing here???

  4. raincoaster: He may be evaluating wordpress for a move. :P

    I have my own webhosting and have 100% control over _everything_, and am giving serious consideration to moving my blog completely to wordpress hosting. It rocks _that_ much.

  5. When you are in the writing area,on the right hand side are option panels.One of them allows you to turn of commenting.

    I think also from the dashboard-options-discussion you can turn off commenting completely.

    I would suggest trying to train Akismet 1st before using these other options.

    Seems like I have seen a blog here with that name also.Perhaps they are just testing out

  6. Sorry, jumped to conclusions.

    Akismet is really amazing at catching spam. The biggest problem I have with it is that once every four months or so it lists me as spam too and I have to unspam myself, which is a two-click operation.

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