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API’s to query the stats database

  1. In his blog post on May 7, 2007 ( Andy Skelton kind of promised to one day "expose API’s to let plugin developers query the stats database. This will open the field for anyone to create and share new reporting tools, even ones that live in your own dashboard."

    I can't find any reference to those API's more than a year later. Does anybody know about them? Am I looking in the wrong places? I'd really like to start digging into this... ;-)

  2. Andy is referring to blogs using the software - self-hosted. I would seriously doubt it will ever happen here at

  3. oriste, that is a fair question, and a team mate messaged Andy asking about it.

    thesacredpath, whether using the plugin on a self-hosted or blog it's the same stats system, so I don't see why it won't happen on both at the same time.

  4. Thank you, foolwisdom, I appreciate the bump...

  5. There is already an API for querying stats:

    It works for blogs as well as self-hosted blogs using the Stats plugin.

  6. Ah! Thank you Andy, this will do the trick.

  7. orisite - hopefully, you'll tell the rest of us how to use that query ;)

  8. vivianpaige: all the instructions are there, on the link that andy gave. You minimally have to enter your WordPress API key, which you find under your user profile, and your blog id, which you can glean from hovering over one of the small stats symbol on your stats page.
    (your status bar will display something like
    Then you construct an url like e.g, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the API key you found in your user profile and mmmmmmm is your blogid.
    The &table=postviews is one of the optional parameters detailed in the page linked above. You string parameters together by preceding them with & and sticking them to the end of the URL.
    I hope this explains it a bit. Explaining things is not my forte... :-(

  9. I'll give it a look. thanks!

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