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API Endpoint URL

  1. Can anyone help me figure out what my "API Endpoint URL" is so I can cross-post from

  2. Flickr won't accept this when I try to add my blog.

    My blog is

    so, my endpoint, I think, would be

    but Flickr keeps telling me "endpoint you entered was not correct." So, maybe this is a Flickr problem and I will ask there, but just wanted to double-check here.

  3. That's what it says on their website:

    Note: Wordpress users, your API Endpoint is

    edit: Worked fine for me.

  4. Same here, it doesn't work for me... :(

  5. Please report your problem to staff by email [email redacted]

  6. same thing happened to me ... Flickr keep saying that "endpoint you entered was not correct .. can anyone tell me ?

  7. same her............

  8. @alifatah and crickinfo
    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you with this issue. Have you contacted staff?

  9. worked for me!!

  10. YAY! :)

  11. Actually I just try it again...
    When I type in the whole thing, it said wrong result...

    Then I took away the "http://" and it works fine.


    I guess it depends on the broswer?! Anyway, hopefully this helps.

  12. @kjmeow
    Thanks for posting that, It may help others in the future.

  13. hey kjmeow... thanx a lot. did help me with my problem. was having the same problem and i use mozilla. dint bother trying it in IE (if ur guess of browser dependent settings is right). but removing the http:// did work.

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